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Latitude CG surpasses 10,000 LearningCenter portal setups

2/5/2016 - Posted by Janay Burch

Latitude CG, home of the LatitudeLearning LMS, is proud to announce our 10,000th LearningCenter portal setups. We are proud to celebrate this milestone as we embark on a new year.

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Latitude CG attends Eastern Michigan University's 2016 Internship Fair

2/2/2016 - Posted by Janay Burch

Latitude CG will be attending the 2016 Internship Fair hosted by Eastern Michigan University on Wednesday, February 3, 2016.

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Latitude CG named in Top LMS Vendors in Top LMS Channel Case Studies

2/2/2016 - Posted by Sonia Gottfried

Recently Talented Learning posted a collection of extended enterprise case studies from the LMS community, 15 LMS Vendors – 15 Channel LMS Case Studies by John Leh. Latitude Learning, the LMS designed for training managers who manage channel training programs, was ranked as #5 in this article. The author pointed the need for information: "buyers want facts," stated Leh in his September 2015 article about Vendors and Case Studies. Here is the Chrysler case study Leh refers to in his article. An exert of the article is below: 

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7-Eleven takes franchisees back to school with C.O.O.L. training program

2/2/2016 - Posted by Janay Burch

Could you imagine what it would be like to contribute to the world's largest convenient store chains? Well, 7-Eleven is making it pretty easy to join the team. With just about 58,300 stores in 17 countries that are operated, franchised and licensed by 7-Eleven, it's a great first step for those just entering the franchise space, or just another great investment decision made by the experienced.

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Latitude CG is a great place to work

1/29/2016 - Posted by Sonia Gottfried

Latitude CG employees have spoken! Latitude CG is a destination spot for employees looking for the following:

Potential. You will get the support you need to bring out the best in you.
Size. Being part of a small company with big ideas & clients allows for cross departmental collaboration as well as mentorship your buddy sitting next to you or the CEO in the front office.
Work/Life balance. We work hard & we play hard.

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Now Available: Franchise Newsletter, February edition

1/28/2016 - Posted by Sonia Gottfried

Latitude has been hard at work to produce this month's one-stop syndicated news platform for professionals in the franchise space, or any similar partner (agent, broker, reseller) industry. Click here for the latest edition with featuring headlines: 

- Pet Industry Distributors Association reaches a new milestone
- What to do with E-learning Course Analytic's

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Organize Course Catalogs by Major

1/27/2016 - Posted by Sarah Robinson

In the Latitude Learning LMS, Majors are used as a grouping mechanism to organize courses within a catalog. Categorize your courses by training topic or departmental program. This document describes how to add a major, manage major records, and utilize majors in course catalog search tools.

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Latitude Learning LMS Release Notes (

1/25/2016 - Posted by Sarah Robinson

The Latitude Learning Team announces the latest release of the Latitude Learning LMS. This release Version ( was promoted to production on Sunday, January 24, 2016.

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Freakin' Unbelievable Burgers' training focuses on more than just their service and product

1/20/2016 - Posted by Janay Burch

Hamburgers are a staple in American history, with almost everyone having a memory of eating one. If we ask our grandparents and great-grandparents about their experience with this delightful, yet simplistically assembled culinary icon I bet they would say "hamburgers have been around for as long as I can remember". The actual concept of what we know today as the hamburger was born in a time when people needed to eat both "fast" and "cheap". In the early to mid-years of the 20th century factory and industrial workers would seek affordable, fast food, emerging the conception of fast food restaurants.

Nowadays, great hamburger restaurants can be found all over the world! With one of those being Freakin' Unbelievable Burgers, born and headquartered in Farmington Hills, Michigan. The concept was thought of by President and Founder, Brent Skaggs. He wanted to fill the need of a great burger joint based on the shortcomings and lack of options that already existed. Shortly after coming into the fast casual franchise market in 2012, Freakin' was named one the "Top New Burger Joints" in North America by

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Upcoming LMS Enhancements: Enrollment Restrictions and Course Credit Expiration

1/12/2016 - Posted by Sarah Robinson

Latitude Learning has been working hard to bring new and improved functionality to our Course Configuration tool set. After the upcoming LMS Enhancement code post on January 17, 2016, Portal Administrators will be able to set detailed Enrollment Restrictions and Course Credit Expiration at the individual course level. We have also added enrollment eligibility checks and automated messaging tied to these settings, so that all affected students will be notified of new enrollment conflicts and can receive email reminders of credit expiration dates. 

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Pet Industry Distributors Association reaches a new milestone

1/7/2016 - Posted by Sonia Gottfried

Latitude, an industry leader in associate performance and home of the cloud-based franchisor LMS, is happy to see their client, the Pet Industry Distributors Association, reach a new milestone by providing training to its 5,000th customer.

Created by PIDA and offered free to qualified retailers, Pet Store Pro is an online training tool for pet store owners, managers and sales associates. Pet Store Pro’s catalog includes more than 25 courses targeted to pet retailers, including customer service and sales, merchandising, in-store animal care and retail management.

PIDA began using Latitude Learning’s learning management system in 2010 and recently signed up its 5000th store for Pet Store Pro. Over 24,000 pet store employees have used the program’s training to upgrade their skills and knowledge.

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Sweet Lorraine's provides simple franchise system with continual training

1/5/2016 - Posted by Janay Burch

Can food really make you feel happy? Most people believe the answer to this question is yes. We call them comfort foods. Comfort foods provide happiness on a psychological level and triggers memories of happy times or a specific person. Although comfort foods (or the events attached to them) vary from person to person, one of the most popular comfort foods in America is macaroni and cheese. Sweet Lorraine's has mastered the perfect ingredients, measured just right to bring us Sweet Lorraine's Fabulous Mac n' Cheez!

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Latitude Learning LMS Release Notes (

12/15/2015 - Posted by Sarah Robinson

The Latitude Learning Team announces the latest release of the Latitude Learning LMS. This release Version ( was promoted to production on Sunday, December 13, 2015.

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Capterra names Latitude Learning #4 in Top Free/Open Source LMSs

12/15/2015 - Posted by Sonia Gottfried

Recently Capterra identified the best total free and/or open source LMSs available. Latitude Learning, an industry leader in partner performance and the home of the only cloud-based franchisor LMS, ranks as #4 on the list.

“This recognition is a reflection of Latitude’s determination we wholeheartedly provide our clients. Being able to provide our unrivaled Forever Free LMS for up to 100 users, with no cost or risk to our clients is a service we feel demonstrates our strong commitment to LMS users. Organizations are now able to leverage the same feature-rich LMS developed for Fortune 500 at no cost. That’s a commitment I am proud to stand behind,” said Latitude’s CEO, Jeff Walter. 

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LatitudeCG supports Magic of Christmas Foundation

12/9/2015 - Posted by Sonia Gottfried

Jeff Walter, CEO of Latitude Learning, home of the cloud-based LMS built for franchisors, supported the web design effort of The Magic of Christmas Adopt a Family Foundation, a non-profit organization started in 1996 by former University of Michigan All-American track athlete and former LPGA Tour player, Debbie Williams-Hoak. 

This holiday season Latitude employees adopted two families. Their monetary contributions enabled them to provide four children a better holiday experience. 

Families in need are contacted and asked to provide their wish list to Santa. Gifts for each child are determined from these lists and volunteer purchase gifts for the children. Many of the gifts are delivered to the children by police officers in uniform.

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Polaris Industries' sought more control with new Latitude LearningCenter

12/8/2015 - Posted by Janay Burch

Saline, Mich., December 8, 2015 Latitude, a software industry leader in associate performance and home of the LatitudeCONNECT Suite, provides an LMS solution to Polaris Industries Inc. Polaris is an American manufacturer of high quality off-road consumer and military vehicles, including All-terrain vehicles (ATVs) and the PolarisRANGER,® GENERAL™ and RZR® side-by-side vehicles, snowmobiles, motorcycles and on-road electric/hybrid powered vehicles. Polaris, headquartered just outside of Minneapolis in Medina, Minnesota, was founded in 1954 and has grown to be an international enterprise. 

With Polaris' immense expansion, it became apparent that technology would be a pivotal resource to their success. The need for a new Learning Management System to manage Polaris' sophisticated partner training programs put LatitudeCONNECT Suite front and center for Laurie Rengel, Manager of Service Dealer Development at Polaris.  

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Latitude Learning unveils Franchise Newsletter

12/2/2015 - Posted by Janay Burch

Franchise T.E.A. is a newsletter about the three behaviors that differentiate high performing franchises from low performing: Training, Engagement, and Analytics. Stay abreast on the pulse of the industry and up-to-date on the latest franchise news, all in one place!

Franchise T.E.A. will make you more successful at your job by providing a platform to help you build a better network. 

Subscribe today to receive your monthly newsletter right in your inbox. Read and share past Franchise T.E.A. Newsletters, and catch what you've been missing!

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eLearning Industry names Latitude Learning Top 10 Cloud-based LMS for Corporate Training

12/1/2015 - Posted by Sonia Gottfried

Last month eLearning Industries released their picks for the top 10 cloud-based Learning Management System for corporate training.  Latitude Learning, an industry leader in partner performance and the home of the cloud-based franchisor LMS, ranks as #10 in list

eLearning Industry outlines the top choices of cloud-based LMSs for corporate training that can ultimately help employees’ access training resources, reduced cost of training material as well as reduce on-site instructors and increase employee engagement.  

“We are always happy to be recognized as a top contender in the LMS industry. Without a doubt, this is a reflection of the hard work, persistence and dedication we continue to provide to our clients on a regular basis. Being able to provide a first-rate LMS to our clients is a priority we are pleased to be known for,” said Latitude’s CEO, Jeff Walter.

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Giordano's hands-on training approach

11/25/2015 - Posted by Janay Burch

Saline, Mich., November 25, 2015 -  Giordano's has the best pizza in Chicago. No really, they do. Giordano's was named "Best Pizza in Chicago" by Chicago Magazine and have been serving up great pizza since 1974. Efren and Joseph Boglio, the founders and immigrant brothers, are famously known as one of the originators of the Chicago-style stuffed deep-dish pizza. Since then, Giordano's has been internationally recognized for their fresh ingredients and very friendly staff. Franchising since 2012, Giordano's currently houses 31 franchise locations and operates 25 corporate units.

How does Giordano's train its franchisees?
Giordano's franchise training is centered around hands-on teaching, learning and experience. Eric Brown, Vice President of Franchise Development commented, "Our business, the pizza business, is so detailed. We've found that hands on training is our best avenue for training."

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Talented Learning awards Latitude Learning as Top Customer LMS

11/24/2015 - Posted by Sonia Gottfried

In the recently-released 2015 Talented Learning LMS Vendor Awards, Latitude Learning, an industry leader in partner performance and the home of the only cloud-based franchisor LMS, ranks as #2 in Top Customer LMS.

Talented Learning determines this ranking by the LMS’s ability to integrate with CRM software and its ability to allow any customer activity such as purchase, renewal, attending a webinar, downloading of learning events. Trained customers buy more over time and are more satisfied LMS users.

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