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Have you noticed a fresh look to our homepage?
Latitude's LMS is designed for training managers who manage franchise training programs.
Latitude Learning Center is the only cloud-based LMS that was built for franchisors. 
Unlike LMSs that were built to manage corporate training, Latitude Learning addresses the unique challenges of managing franchise training programs.
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Latitude Learning becomes a member of the International Franchise Association

Latitude, an industry leading in associate performance and the home of the LatitudeCONNECT Suiteofficially announced on Thursday that it is now a member of the International Franchise Association (IFA). The IFA is the world’s oldest and largest organization representing franchising worldwide. As a supplier member, Latitude Learning will play a vital role within the IFA, by supporting the training and efficiencies of franchisors through training, communication, measurement, incentives and consumer engagement.

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Happy National Coffee Day - 9/29/2015
Today coffee lovers from across the globe come together in celebration of the most popular beverage in the world. Coffee is more than popular: it's ubiquitous. With more than 400 billion cups consumed worldwide every year, coffee is the most sought commodity in the world after crude oil.

Are you a coffee expert? Put your knowledge to the test. Take part in Latitude's Coffee Survey and have a chance to be entered to win LatiBrewed branded items and supply package filled with coffee goodness[Read More...]

Create Self-Study Courses with Video Content
If you have training content posted to a site such as or, you can use the “Self-Study” course delivery method to make video-based content. While Latitude does not provide support for the creation or maintenance of training videos, this document provides step-by-step instructions on setting up a Self-Study course to launch video content.   [Read More...]

Quick Profile Update Tool
The Quick Profile Update tool provides a streamlined way for authorized administrators to modify a user’s primary profile information, including their location, position, and role. Because standard Edit User capabilities are restricted to Portal Administrators, this tool also allows the extension of user maintenance capabilities to others, specifically those users with the Administrator or Instructor roles. [Read More...]

Training Block: Grade Power Learning's training practices
GradePower Learning utilizes reporting to monitor online pre-training. 

Saline, Mich., September 22, 2015 - 
Gradepower Learning franchise is a provider of educational services and offers a unique business opportunity in the education industry. Headquartered in London, Ontario, GradePower is part of the Oxford Learning franchise system and provides programs that range from preschool reading to proprietary SAT and ACT prep. GradePower improves how children learn, rather than shooting for a better grade or test score, by combining cognitive learning strategies and academic tutoring. GradePower has been franchising since 2011 and currently has 15 franchised outlets in North America, making them the best known & most respected education franchise in Canada.

How does GradePower Learning train its franchisees?
GradePower's onboard training is broken into several components including business training - the beginning of your franchise journey that covers important topics in finance, HR, marketing, management and administration; operations training - focuses on the curriculum and guides you through the three aspects that makes GradePower different from any other education business: dynamic diagnostic assessment, cognitive training, and interactive coaching; and software training. [Read More...]

Latitude Learning LMS Release Notes (
The Latitude Learning Team announces the latest release of the Latitude Learning LMS. This release Version ( was promoted to production on Tuesday, September 15, 2015.    [Read More...]

Latitude’s LMS recorded demo is available, no log-in required

Whether you are new the Latitude’s feature-rich Learning Management System or if you need a refresher, Latitude has you covered. This free, no log-in required, recorded demo can be watched at your convenience as many times as you’d like, whenever you’d like.

Watch the 42-minute video or view it in 6 distinct chunks.

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Attending a Virtual Classroom Course via Saba Centra
If your organization uses our LMS Add-On for Virtual Classrooms, you will be using Saba Centra to attend online classes. This document provides students important information to help them successfully launch and attend Virtual Classroom Offerings (VCO) with Saba Centra – an application that enables live, web-based training using your workstation and a headset/microphone. [Read More...]

Latitude is excited to announce Live Chat Support
The Latitude Support team is excited to announce the launch of its new Live Chat feature. All LMS portal administrators with access to the Customer Portal can log in and initiate a real-time chat session with a customer service representative. Live Chat will allow for fast, friendly service. This new communication tool is the fastest way to get support on all of our services and is a great way to receive personal attention directly from our support team. [Read More...]

Extended Enterprise Training: Perfect for Every Industry
Capterra, a leader in helping businesses find the right software, recently published a blog article by Latitude Connection content writer Janay Burch on Extended Enterprise Training. The article is geared towards franchises and the importance of an EET learning management system. Visit to view the article. For your convenience the blog article in its entirety can be read below. [Read More...]

How to Sign Up for an LMS Training Webinar
If the Latitude Learning LMS is new to you as a Portal Administrator, or to your organization as a whole, please consider attending some of Latitude’s training webinars to help you master the important features of the LMS. Courses cover topics ranging from foundational elements (adding/maintaining organizations, users, and course catalogs) to more complex functions (managing certifications and curricula).

To become an LMS expert, train with a Latitude Business Analyst!   [Read More...]

Training Block: Experimac's training practices
Experimac provides ongoing training support through online education portal

Saline, Mich., September 8, 2015 - Experimac offers technology sales and services, specializing in Apple products. Experimac is the newest brand added to United Franchise Group and provides sales of pre-owned Apply computers and devices; repair of laptops, phones and tablets; trade-ins of existing devices; and sales of accessories, upgrades and software. Headquartered in West Palm Beach, FL., Experimac is new to the franchise industry with 3 franchised outlets since 2014. Through Experimac's Apple-related expertise, they have have managed to become a one-stop location for all pre-owned Apple product needs.

How does Experimac train its franchisees?
Experimac starts newly franchisee owners off with a 4-week training program. The first two weeks are held at Experimac's corporate training facility in West Palm Beach, FL., where the franchisee will take part in one of the most extensive training programs in the franchise industry. You will be guided through the process of becoming a successful Experimac franchisee mainly through classroom training. The following two weeks include personal one-on-one training right in your store to ensure you have the technical, business and marketing expertise needed to succeed. "A marketing specialists is also sent to your store during this time to help get your name out in the community" explains Brady Lee, Regional Vice President and Brand President of Experimac. 

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Enroll in an LMS webinar using a credit card

Directly enroll in an LMS webinar using a credit card at your convenience

Latitude is happy to announce that clients can now directly enroll in an LMS webinar using a credit card for their convenience. Previously a provided code was required to gain access for enrollment. This means our clients have more flexibility in financing projects with an easier and faster process.

We accept Visa, Discover, MasterCard and American Express.

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Embed an Image or Video in Assessment Course Content
The Assessment Authoring Tool enables portal administrators to create, deliver and analyze a range of assessments, from simple quizzes to sophisticated exams. This powerful toolset can help you build a basic text-based test, or create a multimedia experience with text, images, and videos provided as question or answer content. This is a great feature if you would like users to watch a training video, and then answer review questions to assure competency; or if you want to ensure your students can identify company products by sight. [Read More...]

Meet Latitude's team player: Mathew Graczyk
We at Latitude believe the people behind the company are just as important as Latitude itself. Over the next few months please enjoy meeting the team in our bi-weekly series of employee profiles. Meet Mathew Graczyk.  [Read More...]

LMS Support Tool Launch: Live Chat
The Latitude Learning Support team has launched its new Live Chat feature. All administrators with access to the Customer Portal can log in and initiate a real-time chat session with a customer service representative. Live Chat is allows for fast, friendly service during our normal support hours.   [Read More...]

Latitude Learning LMS Release Notes (
The Latitude Learning Team announces the latest release of the Latitude Learning LMS. This release Version ( was promoted to production on Saturday, August 29, 2015.  [Read More...]

Latitude offers $49 Training Webinars for the month of September
In honor of Back To School Latitude is offering Training Webinars at a 51% discount! 

Become the LMS expert that you've always wanted to be. For a limited time enroll in any of our paid Training Webinars for only $49.   [Read More...]

Training Block: Arooga's training practices
Arooga's utilizes blended learning to train franchisees

Saline, Mich., August 24, 2015
 - Arooga's Grille House & Sports Bar is an innovative, casual family dining restaurant and bar with a sports and entertainment focus. Arooga's, headquartered in Harrisburg, PA., has been franchising since 2013 with 41 current franchised outlets. In an effort to reduce their overall carbon footprint, Arooga's utilizes the latest earth conscious resources in the hospitality industry. As a result, all of their locations have been certified by the Green Restaurant Association. With their promise of "fresh, never frozen" Kobe burgers and fresh salads made from local produce, Arooga's menu is high in quality and fresh ingredients. 

How does Arooga's train its franchisees?
Arooga University provides a comprehensive 5 week training program for franchisees and their management team. Training is conducted in Pennsylvania at their corporate center and provides both classroom and on location training.

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