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Setting Up a Course Deadline and Due Date Reminders
Latitude Learning has made it easy for LMS administrators to set course completion deadlines, as well as automated due date reminders for enrolled students. Setting a course deadline does not create a universal “due date” in the traditional sense, but instead sets a strict timeline for the number of days in which an individual user is granted access to the course, counting from their Enrollment Date forward. If a user does not complete the course within the outlined time frame, he or she will be blocked from viewing the course details and all associated content.
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Restrict Course Visibility and Open Enrollment Dates
A Course Catalog, or the list of courses to which users have access, is made available at the Business Unit level of the LMS organizational structure. Assigning courses to one or more Business Units is the fundamental way in which Portal Administrators scope course accessibility and create unique course catalogs to meet the specific training requirements of each organization.

While the Business Unit offers a high-level filter for course visibility and access rights, many other settings determine an individual user’s ability to find, view, and enroll in a course within his or her Course Catalog. Learn how to utilize various date settings in Course and Offering setup to restrict visibility and enrollment options.   [Read More...]

Nominate An Outstanding 2015 Grad

Help us recognize exceptional students by nominating an outstanding graduate.

All nominated students must be a 2015 high school graduate. All winners will receive coffee related gifts. First prize winner will receive a Keurig Coffee Brewing Machine.

Nominations for Outstanding Graduates must be received by Thursday, June 30, 2015.

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Utilize Wait Lists for Classroom Course Enrollment

When a Portal Administrator or Instructor is enrolling others in a Classroom course, some scenarios are likely to occur:

  • There are not enough seats left in the Offering to accommodate those who are trying to enroll in it.
  • There is room for some extra students, but the maximum enrollment limit has been reached. For instance, an Offering may have moved to a room with a larger capacity than originally noted.
  • An enrolled student cancels, opening a seat for another user.
The Latitude Learning LMS  helps you manage these and other scenarios using the flexible functionality of the Wait List feature.  [Read More...]

Set Prerequisite Rules for a Course or Course Series
Prerequisites are used to define enrollment eligibility rules, which are enforced by the LMS during the course enrollment process. Portal Administrators can establish rules related to a user’s position, user group membership or training history to specify eligibility requirements. These rules are strict, but can be adjusted at anytime. The concept is to configure courses to reserve enrollment for students who fulfill eligibility criteria, and therefore prevent all others from enrolling.
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Top 5 eLearning Articles week of May 11 (Social Learning)
Social Learning in eLearning

The following is our latest collection of interesting and tho​ught provoking discussions highlighting just a few of the many intriguing aspects of training and eLearning. We've taken special care to select articles that offer distinct perspectives on developing trends or emerging issues within the industry. Read with us as we explore social learning in eLearning.

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Latitude provides solutions to Franchise Training with our PartnerCONNECT Community Portal
Latitude's PartnerCONNECT Community Portal creates a place where your members can build professional social capital. A Community Portal allows for a central location where all information regarding partner programs can be accessed and shared.
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Manage Student Training History - Add/Edit Transcripts
LMS Administrators and Instructors have the ability to search for users and view their training history. Visibility of users is scoped to the Organizations for which the administrator or instructor has active profiles with the appropriate Position and Role assignments (i.e. A user’s employee list is scoped according to Position hierarchy and Company vs. Location level profiles). Portal Administrators also have the ability to edit a student’s training history and add or inactivate transcripts.  
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Feature Courses on LMS Users’ Home Page

If you want to highlight a set of courses for your student-users, but don’t want to enroll them upfront, you can feature courses on their homepage using tools included with the Latitude Learning LMS. “Featured Courses” top the list of training items displayed on the homepage, allowing users to easily see and access their most important coursework.  

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Bundle Multiple Courses into an Ordered Series
Portal Administrators use the Course Series functionality to bundle multiple courses into a logical chain of predecessor and successor coursework. The Series feature is a flexible course configuration tool, allowing you to design unique tracks of learning in many ways. This document provides just a few examples of how a Series can be defined, and how auto-enrollments and/or interest records are generated for users based on different enrollment scenarios.
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There is still time to take our survey
If you haven't taken our survey there is still time. Latitude designed a fictitious company, [Read More...]

Take our survey, win coffee!!!

Latitude designed a fictitious company, LatiBrewed, to demonstrate Latitude's PartnerCONNECT features and functions. In the spirit of a good cup of coffee, answer the following questions to be entered to win LatiBrewed's signature blend of coffee.

(You do not have to be a bonafide coffee drinker to participate.)

Remember, this is just for fun, but we promise to share the survey results.

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Franchise Learning Management - Evaluating a Franchise Training Program
I recently read an article on titled Evaluating a Franchise Training Program: Five Essentials to Ensure Your Potential Franchisor Will Provide Adequate Support. Bart Puett, President and CEO of Maid Brigade, Inc., and author of this article, outlines a checklist of five key support assets to look for when evaluating a franchise and its training program.
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Create Subscription Programs for Specific LMS Locations
Subscription programs are a collection of courses only made available to specific organizations (i.e clients, franchises, stores) within your LMS. Once a Subscription is created and assigned, student-users within the subscribed organization have at-a-glance access to program coursework under the “Available Subscription Courses”' section of their home page. From there, students can launch courses on demand, overriding requirements for management approval or tuition payment.

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Add Student Training History for Past Course Offerings
Administrators who would like to create transcript records for course offerings that took place in the past have three primary ways to add training history. Selecting the most suitable option will depend on the volume of data being imported and/or your role assignment within the LMS. This document explains how to:

  • Manually Add a New Transcript to a User’s Profile
  • Create or Reopen a Past Offering and Manage the Roster
  • Import a Large Volume of Transcript Data
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Congratulations to Latitude's Bracket Winner; Andrew Lindquist of Links Systems, Inc.
Latitude is happy to announce the winner of the NCAA basketball bracket challenge. Andrew Lindquist of Links Systems, Inc. placed first in the challenge which wins him a Keurig Coffee Brewing Machine. Links Systems, Inc. is a consultant company that helps online delivery and live training seminars to its clients. There were many participants, but only one lucky winner. Congrats, Mr. Lindquist!!! 

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Conduct Online Meetings and Webinars with Classroom Course Offerings
Many organizations prefer to use online meetings or webinars to conduct instructor-led training sessions, leveraging the benefits of a classroom learning environment while controlling the travel- and time-related costs of bringing people to a physical classroom. With the Latitude Learning LMS, Portal Administrators and Instructors can set up webinar-style sessions and manage attendance records using classroom course Offerings. This document explains how to create Offerings that include links to training events established in online meeting applications such as WebEx, GoToMeeting,, and Google+ Hangouts. 

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Enrolling Others in a Course
The Latitude Learning LMS provides Student users the ability to search for and enroll in courses made available to them. LMS Instructors, Managers, and Administrators are provided the additional option to enroll others in courses, either in batches or by individual Username. This document, and the linked training video, demonstrates how authorized users can best utilize the Enroll Others function within the LMS.
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Latitude Learning LMS Release Notes (
The Latitude Learning Team announces the latest release of the Latitude Learning LMS. This release Version was promoted to production on Friday, April 17, 2015... [Read More...]

Latitude Helps Michigan Humane Society Save Lives
Latitude Consulting Group, an industry leader in partner performance, is proud to connect with the Michigan Humane Society (MHS) to help them achieve their goals through their Learning Management System. 

After much internet research to find the right LMS, the Michigan Humane Society aligned with Latitude. Subsequently they implemented Latitude’s LMS platform.

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