New Courses Available from SkillSoft - March 17th

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The following new SkillSoft course updates are now available on

Microsoft Tools and Technologies

  •  Automating Excel Tasks using Macros mo_aexl_a05_dt_enus 
  •  Analyzing Data with What-if Analysis mo_aexl_a06_dt_enus 
  •  PivotTables and PivotCharts in Excel 2010 mo_aexl_a07_dt_enus 
  •  PivotTable Filters, Calculations, and PowerPivot mo_aexl_a08_dt_enus 
  •  Customizing Outlook 2010 and Managing Accounts mo_aout_a02_dt_enus 
  •  Managing E-mail with Rules, Automatic Replies, and Alerts in Outlook 2010 mo_aout_a03_dt_enus 
  •  Working with File Transfer and Folders, Searching, and RSS Feeds Outlook 2010 mo_aout_a04_dt_enus 
  •  Data Files, Archiving, and Send/Receive Groups in Outlook 2010 mo_aout_a05_dt_enus 
  •  Implementing Security with Outlook 2010 mo_aout_a06_dt_enus 
  •  Accessing Exchange Remotely and Using Forms in Outlook 2010 mo_aout_a07_dt_enus 
  •  Using Advanced Slide Show Tools in PowerPoint 2010 mo_appt_a01_dt_enus 
  •  Collaborating and Sharing Presentations in PowerPoint 2010 mo_appt_a02_dt_enus 
  •  Getting Started with Access 2010 mo_bacc_a01_dt_enus 
  •  Creating Basic Tables in Access 2010 mo_bacc_a02_dt_enus 
  •  Data Manipulation and Simple Relationships in Access 2010 mo_bacc_a03_dt_enus 
  •  Modifying Basic Forms in Access 2010 mo_bacc_a05_dt_enus 
  •  Introduction to Queries in Access 2010 mo_bacc_a06_dt_enus 
  •  Getting Started with PowerPoint 2010 mo_bppt_a01_dt_enus 
  •  Visually Enhancing PowerPoint 2010 Presentations mo_bppt_a02_dt_enus 
  •  Adding Images to Presentations in PowerPoint 2010 mo_bppt_a03_dt_enus 
  •  Using Multimedia and Animations in PowerPoint 2010 mo_bppt_a04_dt_enus 
  •  TestPrep 77-881 Word 2010 mo_bwrd_a01_tp_enus 
  •  Troubleshooting Logon and Resource Access Issues in Windows 7 mw_mwet_a03_it_enus 
  •  Resolving Windows 7 Network Connectivity Issues mw_mwet_a04_it_enus 
  •  Troubleshooting IE8 and Encryption Issues in Windows 7 mw_mwet_a05_it_enus 
  •  Protecting Windows 7 against Malware and Vulnerabilities mw_mwet_a06_it_enus 
  •  A+ Essentials 2009: Installing Windows Operating Systems (Windows 7 update) cs_apet_a08_it_enus
  •  A+ Essentials 2009: Using and Managing Windows (Windows 7 update) cs_apet_a09_it_enus 
  •  A+ Essentials 2009: Security and Network Fundamentals (IPv6 update)
  •        cs_apet_a10_it_enus 
  •  A+ Practical Application 2009: Maintaining Operating Systems (Windows 7 update) cs_apit_a06_it_enus 
  •  Installing and Configuring Microsoft SharePoint 2010 es_msst_a01_it_enus 
  •  Core Configuration for SharePoint 2010 es_msst_a02_it_enus 
  •  Upgrading to Microsoft SharePoint 2010 es_msst_a03_it_enus 
  •  Configuring and Administrating SharePoint 2010 Search es_msst_a04_it_enus 
  •  Configuring Web Applications for SharePoint 2010 es_msst_a05_it_enus 
  •  SharePoint Authentication and Web Application Security Configuration es_msst_a06_it_enus 
  •  Configuring SharePoint 2010 Site Collections es_msst_a07_it_enus 
  •  Managing SharePoint 2010 Features and Solutions es_msst_a08_it_enus 
  •  SharePoint 2010 Performance es_msst_a10_it_enus 
  •  TestPrep 70-640 TS: Windows Server 2008 Active Directory, Configuring ws_mwcd_a01_tp_enus 
  •  TestPrep 70-643 TS: Windows Server 2008 Applications Infrastructure, Configuring ws_mwcf_a01_tp_enus 
  •  TestPrep 70-642 TS: Windows Server 2008 Network Infrastructure, Configuring ws_mwci_a01_tp_enus 

    Environmental, Safety and Health Compliance 

  •  Introduction to Industrial Hygiene esh_sah_a15_sh_enus 
  •  Electrical Safety esh_sah_a16_sh_enus 
  •  PPE: Personal Protective Equipment esh_sah_a17_sh_enus 
  •  Machine Guarding esh_sah_a18_sh_enus 
  •  Lockout/Tagout esh_sah_a19_sh_enus 
  •  Hazardous Material Handling and Storage esh_sah_a20_sh_enus 
  •  Emergency and Disaster Preparedness esh_sah_a21_sh_enus 
  •  Bloodborne Pathogen Awareness esh_sah_a22_sh_enus 
  •  Back Safety and Injury Prevention esh_sah_a23_sh_enus 
  •  Fire Safety and Prevention esh_sah_a24_sh_enus 
  •  Defensive Driving Fundamentals esh_sah_a25_sh_enus 
  •  Fall Protection (or Working at Heights) esh_sah_a26_sh_enus 
  •  Hazard Communication: An Employee's Right to Know esh_sah_a27_sh_enus 
  •  Confined Spaces esh_sah_a28_sh_enus 
  •  Protection from Occupational Noise esh_sah_a29_sh_enus 
  •  Ergonomics in the Workplace esh_sah_a30_sh_enus 
  •  Using Respiratory Protection esh_sah_a31_sh_enus 
  •  Scaffolding and Ladder Safety esh_sah_a32_sh_enus 
  •  Emergency Response in the Workplace esh_sah_a33_sh_enus 
  •  Hazardous Waste Generator (RCRA) esh_sah_a34_sh_enus 
  •  Access to Employee Medical and Exposure Records esh_sah_a35_sh_enus 
  •  Hazardous Materials in the Workplace esh_sah_a36_sh_enus 
  •  Asbestos esh_sah_a37_sh_enus 
  •  Forklift Safety Awareness esh_sah_a38_sh_enus 
  •  Heat Stress Recognition and Prevention esh_sah_a39_sh_enus 
  •  Workplace Inspections esh_sah_a40_sh_enus 
  •  Confined Space Entry - Canada SAH0489 
  •  Lockout/Tagout Awareness - Canada SAH0490 
  •  Hearing Conservation - Canada SAH0491 
  •  Fall Prevention Awareness - Canada SAH0492 
  •  Respiratory Protection - Canada SAH0493 
  •  Ladder and Scaffolding Safety - Canada SAH0494 

    Government and Industry-Specific Education 

  •  Information Security Awareness fgov_01_a12_lc_enus 
  •  Pre-Retirement Planning for FERS fgov_01_a14_lc_enus 
  •  The Capital Markets Industry Overview: Version 1 indo_01_a25_bs_enus 
  •  The Consumer Electronics Industry Overview: Version 1 indo_01_a26_bs_enus 
  •  The Aerospace & Defense Industry Overview: Version 1 indo_01_a27_bs_enus 
  •  The Biotechnology Industry Overview: Version 1 indo_01_a28_bs_enus 
  •  The Food and Beverage Industry Overview: Version 3 indo_01_a30_bs_enus 

    Workplace Compliance 

  •  Workplace Harassment for Supervisors and Managers lch_01_a05_lc_enus 
  •  Harassment and Violence Prevention in the Canadian Workplace lch_01_a06_lc_enus 
  •  HIPAA Privacy Essentials lchp_01_a01_lc_enus 
  •  Code of Conduct (Customizable) lchr_01_a13_lc_enus 
  •  Promoting a Substance-free Workplace lchr_01_a14_lc_enus 
  •  Understanding the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) lchr_01_a15_lc_enus 
  •  Integrity in the Workplace lchr_01_a16_lc_enus 
  •  Preventing Fraud and Abuse lchr_01_a17_lc_enus 
  •  Sarbanes-Oxley: What You Need to Know lchr_01_a19_lc_enus 
  •  I-9 Compliance: Verifying Employment Eligibility of US and Non-US Citizens
  •        lchr_01_a20_lc_enus 
  •  Understanding the Risks of Using Internet Media and Electronic Communications
  •        lchr_01_a21_lc_enus 
  •  BIS Export Controls and Antiboycott Provisions lchr_01_a22_lc_enus 
  •  Government Contracting Essentials lchr_01_a23_lc_enus 
  •  Interviewing and Hiring Practices lchr_01_a25_lc_enus 
  •  Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) lchr_01_a26_lc_enus 
  •  Foreign Corrupt Practices Act lchr_01_a27_lc_enus 
  •  Antitrust – Overview lchr_01_a28_lc_enus
  •     - Intellectual Property Overview lchr_01_a29_lc_enus 

    Business Management and Operations 

  •  Managing Workforce Generations: Introduction to Cross-generational Employees
  • mgmt_20_a01_bs_enus 
  •  Managing Workforce Generations: Working with a Multigenerational Team
  •  mgmt_20_a02_bs_enus 
  •  Managing Workforce Generations: Working with the 21st-century Generation Mix
  •  mgmt_20_a03_bs_enus 
  •  Marketing Essentials: Introduction to Marketing mkt_01_a01_bs_enus 
  •  Marketing Essentials: Planning and People mkt_01_a02_bs_enus 
  •  Marketing Essentials: Product and Price mkt_01_a03_bs_enus 
  •  Marketing Essentials: Place mkt_01_a04_bs_enus 
  •  Marketing Essentials: Promotion mkt_01_a05_bs_enus 
  •  Marketing Essentials: Marketing and Ethics mkt_01_a06_bs_enus 
  •  Operations Management: Inventory Management oper_21_a04_bs_enus 
  •  Operations Management: Forecasting and Capacity Planning oper_21_a05_bs_enus 
  •  Operations Management: Operations Scheduling oper_21_a06_bs_enus 
  •  Operations Management: Management of Quality oper_21_a07_bs_enus 
  •  Operations Management: Facilities Planning and Management oper_21_a08_bs_enus 

    Professional Development 

  •  Critical Thinking Essentials: What Is Critical Thinking? pd_14_a01_bs_enus 
  •  Critical Thinking Essentials: Applying Critical Thinking Skills pd_14_a02_bs_enus 

    Project Management 

  •  IT Project Management Essentials: Introduction to IT Project Management
  •  proj_17_a01_bs_enus 
  •  IT Project Management Essentials: Initiating and Planning IT Projects proj_17_a02_bs_enus 
  •  IT Project Management Essentials: Executing IT Projects proj_17_a03_bs_enus 
  •  IT Project Management Essentials: Monitoring and Controlling IT Projects
  • proj_17_a04_bs_enus 
  •  IT Project Management Essentials: Managing Risks in an IT Project proj_17_a05_bs_enus 

    SAP Tools and Technologies 

  •  SAP Customer Relationship Management (CRM) sa_bseu_a02_dt_enus 
  •  SAP Supplier Relationship Management sa_bseu_a05_dt_enus 

    Additional Technologies and Development Tools 

  •  TestPrep 70-515 VB - TS: Web Applications Development with .NET 4 
  •   sd_masp_a01_tp_enus 
  •  CISSP Domain - Access Control sp_cssp_a01_it_enus 
  •  TestPrep 312-50 Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) sp_etih_a01_tp_enus

    For more information on SkillSoft courses available via LatitudeLearning Contact Us

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