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"The ease at which the LMS can be customized to meet the organizations needs is the key to overall customer satisfaction."


At Latitude we believe your learning management system should adapt to you. That's why we offer three configurations of our award winning LMS.


    Standard LMS - includes the core learning management features most organizations need to manage their training programs.

    Professional LMS - enhances the Standard LMS with features to manage the most sophisticated B2B training programs.

   Platinum LMS - enhances the Professional LMS with PartnerCONNECT and DataANALYZER. PartnerCONNECT  lets you turn your LMS into a full blown information portal with blogs, forums, newsfeeds, and personalized web page content. DataANAYLZER lets you create sophisticate dashboards and reports from your LMS and non-LMS performance data.

    LMS Add-ons - let's you supplement your LMS with additional features and functions.

Our LMS configurations are not only flexible and configurable, but our cloud-based learning management system can be customized to your exact specifications.

Our LMS provides you with a single point of access to e-learning delivery, instructor-led training administration, virtual classroom sessions, self studies video courses and other rich media resources (such as product literature and performance support materials).


LMS Success Stories


Primrose Schools LMS Case Study

Primrose Schools LMS Case Study

Chrsyler Academy LMS case Study

General Motors LMS Case Study

Inteva Products LMS Case Study

Pet Industry Distributors Association LMS Case Study

American Board of Emergency Medicine LMS Case Study

American Board of Emergency Medicine LMS Case Study



"…positioned for high-impact sales readiness, channel/client management, and certification programs. Large organizations with disparate departments requiring a holistic management construct should investigate the platform. Furthermore, medium sized sales or service organization with expectations of growth should take a hard look at [Latitude's] LMS to leverage future growth plans."