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Latitude will be at the 2017 IFA Conference Jan. 29 - Feb. 1 in Las Vegas

1/19/2017 - Posted by Janay Burch

Latitude is happy to announce that we will be exhibiting at the International Franchise Association's 2017 Convention from January 29 - February 1. The conference will be held at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, Nevada. #IFA2017

Delight us with a visit! Swing by booth #126 and experience first-hand how LatitudeLearning can help you overcome your franchise training challenges.

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Now Available: Franchise Newsletter, February Edition

1/17/2017 - Posted by Janay Burch

Latitude has been hard at work to produce this month's one-stop syndicated franchise news platform for professionals in the franchise space, or any similar partner (agent, broker, reseller) industry. Click here for the latest edition with featuring headlines:

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Now Available: O.E.M. Newsletter, February Edition

1/17/2017 - Posted by Janay Burch

Latitude has been hard at work to produce this month's one-stop syndicated O.E.M. news platform for professionals in the Original Equipment Manufacturer space, or any similar partner industry. Click here for the latest edition with featuring headlines:

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Vibration Fatigue Laboratory Stresses The Importance Of OEM Training For Sales & Design

1/10/2017 - Posted by Alison Huff

Vibration testing is an essential part of the manufacturing process for virtually any product that must sustain repetitive vibration from internal or external sources, including mechanical components for air, sea, and land vehicles. It assures quality control and product reliability during the design process, evaluates a product's overall performance in "real world" conditions, and may also be used to test a product to the point of destruction to accurately measure its tolerance in the field. 

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Zoracle Recommends Customized Training to Build Franchisee Confidence and Success

1/3/2017 - Posted by Alison Huff

Learning about a franchisor's training programs beforehand helps every potential franchisee to answer one of the most important questions they will ask themselves: "Can I really do this?"

With the proper training and support, they absolutely can. We recently spoke to Rebecca Monet, President and Chief Scientist of Zoracle Profiles, a psychometric assessment company that helps franchisors select the right franchisees by determining their compatibility and predicting their performance. Through their SpotOn! analysis, Zoracle Profiles assesses a franchisor's current franchisees, separating them into top performers, mid performers, and low performers, using markers provided by the franchisor based on market share, profitability, revenue, and many other attributes. Zoracle Profiles' psychographic assessment draws corollaries between those markers to find out why certain franchisees are so successful, and it provides a gap analysis which highlights areas where additional training or support is necessary for lesser performers.

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LatitudeLearning: A key LMS market player

1/2/2017 - Posted by Janay Burch

LatitudeLearning, the cloud-based LMS provider built for partner training, was mentioned as a key player in the learning management system market

LatitudeLearning was mentioned in "Emerging Globally Learning Management Systems Market Research, Technology, Trends, Growth and Industry Forecast Till 2022" by Research Beam.

Research Beam's report states that the Learning Management Systems Market is expected to grow during the forecast period of 2014-2022.

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Latitude Learning LMS Release Notes (

1/2/2017 - Posted by Latitude Learning Team

Latitude CG announces the latest release of the Latitude Learning LMS. LMS Version was promoted to production on Thursday, December 29, 2016. It contained resolutions to several issues including User Import and Quick Profile Update.

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LMS Roles and Their Functions

12/28/2016 - Posted by Latitude Learning Team

The Latitude Learning LMS provides a set of established Roles, which define a user’s navigation and access rights to built-in tools and functionality. During user Profile setup, the Portal Administrator can tailor a person’s LMS experience and responsibilities by assigning one or more Roles tied to a corresponding Organization. This document outlines the set of default functionality and access rights for each established Role in the LMS. 

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LMS Roadmap: Key Enhancements Keep LatitudeLearning At The Top Of Its Game Into The New Year

12/26/2016 - Posted by Jeff Walter

2016 has drawn to a close but it has been an incredibly exciting year for Latitude Learning. Take a look at our:
Recent Product Enhancements
Upcoming Releases
Proposed Enhancements
What's Next (Coming in 2017)

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Latitude Offers The Best LMS For Park 'N Fly

12/21/2016 - Posted by Alison Huff

Latitude CG, the software company behind the LatitudeLearning LMS, announces a new client, Park 'N Fly, an off-airport parking company operating throughout the United States. Park ‘N Fly is a division of Park Holding Inc. which also includes Park ‘N Play, Park ‘N Care, and Park ‘N Stay. All of these organizations will be accessing the LMS, which has been branded as “Park ‘N Learn”. With 15 company-owned parking lots and over 80 affiliates in the US and more than 600 Internationally, Park 'N Fly is unifying the independent policies and on-site procedures of their locations to ensure greater stability throughout the customer experience. 

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LMS Information and Portal Configuration

12/16/2016 - Posted by Sarah Robinson

The LMS Information page provides Portal Administrators an overview of their LMS subscription, add-on features, and configuration options. This document describes the key statistics and settings available under Site Management => LMS Information.

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Training in a world with autonomous cars

12/15/2016 - Posted by Janay Burch

Self-driving cars are a lot closer to reality than some may think. With a number of companies already heavily invested in the development of autonomous vehicles, substantial technological change is headed our way.

Consumer training and compliance training will be a huge factor in fully developing autonomous cars. Those that have already began to think about the dissemination and management of content have a leg up on the competition.

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Latitude Learning LMS Release Notes (

12/14/2016 - Posted by Latitude Learning Team

Resolved issues with language settings, automated messages and organization configuration.

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ENHANCEMENT: Advanced User Search

12/12/2016 - Posted by Latitude Learning Team

Our new Advanced User Search engine enables LMS administrators to use an array of criteria, comparative terms, and operands to build highly targeted results with just a few selections. There are no limitations on the number of user records returned from a query, and you can set each search to display between 25 to 1,000 results per page. Check it out by clicking the "Try our new search" link on the classic Search Users page.

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AdvantaClean’s Robust Training Program for New Franchisees

12/12/2016 - Posted by Brandon May

AdvantaClean is the leader in indoor air quality and light environmental services, providing mold removal, moisture control solutions, air duct, coil and dryer vent cleaning, and water removal (among other services) to both residential and commercial customers. In 2008, the company the company began offering franchises to the public and the first start up franchise opened in early 2009.

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ENHANCEMENT: Course Group Delivery Method

12/12/2016 - Posted by Latitude Learning Team

The Course Group Delivery Method provides an easy and flexible way to bundle multiple LMS courses together for a single training completion requirement. Instead of containing learning material, the content of the Course Group is a set of Component Courses, which already exist in your LMS. When a student enrolls in this type of course, a corresponding training widget appears on their LMS Home page, and will display component courses until the entire suite is complete. Students can then navigate to their History tab to print a Certification of Completion for the entire course group.

If you have considered utilizing our powerful certification engine for assigning and tracking employee training, but are not looking for rigorous program and competency management , Course Groups could provide you a simplified form of certification. Use the LMS Reporting Tool  to evaluate training progress and compliance at the course level instead!

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Send Announcements to Communicate with LMS Users

12/11/2016 - Posted by Latitude Learning Team

The LMS includes more than 30 customizable messages that will automatically notify students, managers, and administrators when certain system events are scheduled, and when specific user or training activities take place. 

This document focuses on the tools that allow administrators to communicate directly with LMS users, en masse or individually. The “Classroom Offering Messages” and “Announcement” features function separately as on-demand messaging systems, using content settings in the Site Management => Edit Messages tool and adding custom notes submitted by the administrator upon message creation.

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Latitude Learning named 2016 Best LMS

12/8/2016 - Posted by Sonia Gottfried

Talented Learning, an eLearning new site identified the Top 5 Channel and Partner LMS Vendors. Latitude Learning, an industry leader in channel performance and the home of the cloud-based channel LMS as #3 in Topr Channel and Partner LMS for 2016. According to the article, Best LMS? 2016 Talented Learning LMS Vendor Awards, published December 2016, "When organizations educate and certify their external sales channel and business partners, they often increase sales, create new revenue streams and improve customer satisfaction.

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Latitude Learning LMS Release Notes (

12/6/2016 - Posted by Latitude Learning Team

FULL Feature Release: Person-to-Person Reporting Hierarchy !

This new portal configuration option changes an LMS manager’s ability to oversee employees and manage their training – scoping user oversight by direct managerial relationships between users, instead of using the default Positional Reporting hierarchy.  Portal Administrators can now enable the function from the  Site Management => LMS Information page . Please contact the Latitude Support team for questions, consultation requests, and data migration services.

Latitude Support Team also fixed reported issues with Employee oversight, enrolling others in Classroom courses, and managing Organization records.

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LMS Roadmap: Unlimited user search to benefit LMS users

11/22/2016 - Posted by Staff Writer

Greetings, everyone. This is another post from Tom Merritt, product manager for LatitudeLearning. This month we’ve continued our roadshow meetings, and we’re hearing more and more about an updated UI/UX, so we’ll be looking at that over the next couple of quarters. One new area of functionality that you will appreciate is our new unlimited user search. Using this tool, we’ve worked through the issues of working with more than just a couple hundred users at a time. Now, with unlimited user search, you will be able to search through literally thousands of user results and you will have control over how many will be displayed on a page, so you can configure how your search results should appear.

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