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Design Custom Brands for Individual Organization Units

Posted by Sarah Robinson  11/19/2015   0 Comments

Portal administrators can customize the look and feel of their LMS by selecting any of the following tools from the left navigation menu, under Site Management.

  • HTML Content: Some sections of the site allow customization by updating the existing HTML code. 
  • Stylesheets: There are several cascading stylesheets that control the coloration, features, and overall layout of your portal. You can find most styles in the stylesheet.css file.
  • Images: Upload images to use in several customizable sections, including the header logo.

For basic instructions on using these features to re-design your LMS, see related document: Customize the LMS with Organization Branding, Color, and Style.

Organization Branding

Once you have built out HTML content, CSS files and images for your LMS, you can choose which content should display for users at each organization within your Business Structure. This flexibility empowers one company to serve multiple franchise brands, or tailor content to the differing needs of training partners, all within the same portal.

Organization Branding allows customization of the following elements:
  • Home Page Content: “Welcome” center of a user’s Home page
  • Custom Left Navigation File: “Quick Links” section, under left navigation menu
  • Login Page: Landing page for user sign on
  • User Self-Registration Page: Self Registration form
  • Cascading Stylesheet File: Color, layout, overall look and feel throughout organization
  • Header Logo Image: Company logo or training image displayed at the top of every page

To apply these settings, start by conducting an Organization Search  and clicking the View/Edit link to open a unit for update. Click the Branding tab, and use the drop-down menus to select appropriate files. Click Submit to save changes.

Screenshot of Organization Branding page.
NOTE: By default, all organizations are set to inherit settings from their parent organization in your LMS hierarchy. Therefore, when you change the branding and web page content of an organizational unit, those changes are automatically applied to its child organizations.

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