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Enable Two Factor Authentication for Ease of Access

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Two Factor Authentication (2FA) is an alternative method for LMS account access, enabling users to efficiently and securely restore forgotten login credentials without administrative intervention. This is an optional feature that can be enabled and disabled by an LMS portal administrator at any time.

The standard process for LMS Password Reset remains. The Forgot Your Password? link is still available for portals using 2FA, and it continues to be a good option for those users who recall their username and email address.

Feature Overview

Two Factor Authentication helps registered LMS users get to their home page by presenting challenge questions that are difficult to answer without deep personal knowledge of the user. Once enabled, the LMS login page will offer a new link Can’t remember username or email?
When a user doesn’t remember the username or email address associated with their account, 2FA can identify them using their first name, last name, and location. Once identified, the system presents two security questions to authenticate the user. When the user answers those questions correctly, they are redirected to the LMS home page. From there, users can view or edit their username, email address, and change their password, if necessary.

This document provides information and instruction for both portal administrators and students.

Portal Administrator Guide to 2FA

This section contains the information needed to enable or disable Two Factor Authentication, in addition to important support-related information about the feature. 

Configuring Two Factor Authentication

Portal Administrators have the ability to enable or disable 2FA for their LMS portals using the following steps:

  1. Log in to a portal administrator account.
  2. On the left navigation menu, select Site Management => LMS Information
  3. On the LMS Information page in the LMS Configuration section, check the 2 Factor Authentication box to enable 2FA. Remove the check if you are disabling the feature.
  4.  Click Submit.

: Once you turn it on, 2FA is immediately active in your LMS. All users will be required to set up Challenge Questions when they next log into the system. Users who need to use 2FA to get into the LMS will also need to know their Location Code. Latitude strongly urges Portal Administrators to communicate all the necessary information about this change to their user base prior to enabling it.

Support Information About Two Factor Authentication

For support purposes, Portal Administrators can view a user’s authentication questions and answers from the General Info tab of the user’s account. The information is display-only and cannot be altered by a portal administrator unless he or she impersonates the user, an action which requires sensitivity to the potential  impact on the user account.

In the following situations, the system tells users to contact their help desk (portal administrators or other internal LMS Support.)

  • If the system cannot identify the user by first name, last name and location/dealer code, it displays a "User Not Found - Please contact the help desk" message and returns the user to the login page. 
  • If the user is found, but has multiple LMS login accounts with the same name and locations, the system generates a "You appear to have multiple accounts – – DO NOT CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT! Please contact the help desk" message and returns the user to the login page. 
  • If the user is found, but has not previously set up their Challenge Questions, the system presents the message "STOP! We know who you are but we need additional authentication! - DO NOT CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT! Please contact the help desk."
  • If a user fails the Challenge Questions six times, the authentication process is terminated and the user is returned to the login screen. They must contact the Portal Administrator for additional help.

Student Guide to 2FA

This section contains information on how students set up Challenge Questions and use 2FA to access the LMS.

Setting Up Challenge Questions

Once 2FA is enabled, the first time a user logs into the LMS they will be required to set up two Challenge Questions on the Personal Security Questions page. The questions available are a standard list provided by Latitude.  

  1. Select two Security Questions and provide your Answers in the free text fields below each question.
  2. Click Submit. The questions and answers will be stored with your account information.

To modify your Challenge Questions and answers at any time after your first login:

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Open My Details tab.
  3. Under the General Information section, make desired modifications to questions and answers.
  4. Click Submit.


Using 2FA When You Forget Your Username or Email Address

If you can't remember your LMS username or registered email address, you may have difficulty resetting your password, which requires such information to identify your account. 2FA-enabled provides you a process for getting into the LMS without contacting your administrators.

To access your LMS home page using 2FA:

  1. On the login page, click Can’t remember username or email?  This will only appear for portals that have enabled the feature.

  2. The "Need more help" popup window appears and requires information that can be used to identify your account. These entries are not case-sensitive, but must otherwise match your account data exactly.

    a.)  Enter your First Name and Last Name.
    b.)  Enter your Location/Dealer Code. This is the code representing your profile location in the LMS. If you have multiple profiles, the system will look for the specified location in all of them. If you do not know your location code, you will need to contact your Portal Administrator. 
    c.)  Click Submit.

  3. Once your account is identified, you must answer both Security Questions and then click Login.

  4. The system returns you to your LMS Home Page. Review your account information under My Details. You may also reset your password from that page.

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