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LMS Roadmap: Key Enhancements Keep LatitudeLearning At The Top Of Its Game Into The New Year

12/26/2016 - Posted by Jeff Walter

2016 has drawn to a close but it has been an incredibly exciting year for Latitude Learning. Take a look at our:
Recent Product Enhancements
Upcoming Releases
Proposed Enhancements
What's Next (Coming in 2017)

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LMS Roadmap: Unlimited user search to benefit LMS users

11/22/2016 - Posted by Staff Writer

Greetings, everyone. This is another post from Tom Merritt, product manager for LatitudeLearning. This month we’ve continued our roadshow meetings, and we’re hearing more and more about an updated UI/UX, so we’ll be looking at that over the next couple of quarters. One new area of functionality that you will appreciate is our new unlimited user search. Using this tool, we’ve worked through the issues of working with more than just a couple hundred users at a time. Now, with unlimited user search, you will be able to search through literally thousands of user results and you will have control over how many will be displayed on a page, so you can configure how your search results should appear.

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LMS Roadmap: Client meetings give honest feedback

10/27/2016 - Posted by Staff Writer

Greetings again from Tom Merritt at Latitude. As part of our monthly series, I wanted to update you on a number of things going on here with the LatitudeLearning LMS.

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LMS Roadmap series kick off: what we've been doing for your LMS

9/22/2016 - Posted by Staff Writer

Welcome to the kickoff of our new monthly series, LMS Roadmap, by Latitude CG's senior principal, Tom Merritt. Merritt oversees our learning management system's (LMS) Research & Development department. 

This has been a year of growth for our organization and our LMS. We have updated our technology platform, enhanced the functionality of the system and embraced a direction to enhance the system for a broad spectrum of industries. Earlier this year we upgraded our technology platform to SQL Server 2014 and .NET 4.6.1. This improved system performance in some areas by approximately 50% and helped us take our first major step towards significant functionality enhancements.

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