Community Portal

Create a place where your members build professional social capital. A Community Portal allows for a central location where all information regarding partner programs can be accessed and shared.

Keep the flow of communication constant and relevant through devices such as portals, blogs, forums, newsletters, inbound marketing and field engagement.


Maximize efficiency by having all communication material accessible via an online portal. The site is password protected and not accessible to the public.

Blogs and Forums

In today’s technologically-dependent society the power that social media tools have is useful in raising awareness and evaluating needs and desires about products and services, especially when the content is relevant and viewers are encouraged to publicly post their comments.


Business partnership requires constant communication to assure that all people involved understand the mission. Having newsletters, brochures, Q&As, etc. designed, developed and available is necessary to assure all involved are empowered with information.

Inbound Marketing

Design sites with interesting content that make selling products to target buyers want to come back is a key element to earn the attention of prospective customers. Latitude can successfully build sites that will entice buyers to come to back for more, rather than going out to get them.

Field Engagement

Latitude forms trusting relationships with its clients that can be relied on as a valuable advocate of products at sales events or business gatherings.

LatitudeCONNECT, Community Portal by Gary Andrews from Latitude Learning on Vimeo.

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Create a community communications portal with social media (e.g. blogs, forums and newsfeeds) and user-driven content (e.g. product information, best practices, etc.)

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