LMS Features

LatitudeLearning provides you with the functionality needed to manage the most sophisticated partner training programs. In addition to all the great standard LMS features, LatitudeLearning...

   Message Editor - customize over two dozen email messages automatically generated by the LMS

   Competency Management - easily manage your certification programs and competency-based curriculums

   Assessment Authoring - create sophisticated online assessments that include item and distractor randomization

    Configuration Tools - adapt LatitudeLearning to meet your organizational needs

   e-Learning Courses - each LMS includes a library of free e-learning courses

   eCommerce - add credit card processing to your LMS to collect student paid tuition

   User Self Registration - allow your learners to create their own user accounts

   Subscription Management - easily manage learner course subscriptions

   Organization Branding - branding your LMS for each organization you manage

   Organization Content Management - personalize web page content for each organization you manage or create organization specific web sites

   User Import - save time by uploading your users from a spreadsheet

Standard LMS Features

Our learning management system supports e-learning, instructor-led training, and self-study courses. Best of all our LMS is free to set up and use for up to 100 users! You can also use our LMS configuration tools to adapt the learning management system configuration to meet your needs using the LMS configuration tools. LatitudeLearning includes the following:

Course Management

Add/Edit Course Catalogs (i.e. business units)
Add/Edit  Majors (course categories)
Add/Edit Training Providers
Add/Edit Courses
Share Courses across Catalogs
Manage Course Catalog Display date range
Manage Course Open Enrollment date range
Manage Course retake restrictions
Certificates of Completion
Sample Major configured
Course Prerequisites and Equivalencies
Course Updates and Series
Enroll and Enroll Others in courses

E-Learning Delivery

Add/Edit SCORM 1.2 and 2004 courses
e-Learning course debugger
Free soft skill e-learning course library included
Automate completion date reminder emails

Instructor-led Training (ILT)

Geographic-based ILT administration
Add/Edit Course Offerings
Add/Edit Instructors
Multi-day course scheduling
Multi-day room scheduling
Interest-based course offering planning
Vendor, facilities and equipment management
Interest-based automated enrollment
Webinar link (i.e. Webex, GoToMeeting, etc.)
Automated email reminder emails
Automated enrollment or notification
Event scheduling
Export to Calendar

Self-Study Courses

Read and Sign compliance tracking
Video link (i.e. YouTube, Vimeo, etc.)
Self-Certified Completion (i.e. e-signature)


Supplemental documents or URL links available to learners
Can be attached to courses
Add/Edit Resource Categories
Sample Resources included

User Management

Location based business structure
Facility focused training structure
Add/Edit Organizations
Add/Edit Departments
Add/Edit Position Codes
Add/Edit Position Groups
Add/Edit Distribution Groups
Add/Edit User Groups
Business structure configured as company, business unit, division, and location
Training structure configured as company, business unit, and locale
Sample Organizations (e.g. company, business unit, division, location)
Sample Position Codes (e.g. Principal, Associate and Guest)
Create Position Code hierarchies
Automated Student deactivation
 7 predefined User Roles (Student, Location Manager, Instructor, Administrator, Location Administrator, Portal Administrator and Guest)
Users can have multiple profiles


Design your own User Experience
Unlimited custom web pages
3 updatable web parts (login, home, and left column navigation)
 Built-in HTML Editor
Stylesheet editor
Image library
LMS Web Services:
     Course Catalog
     Course Data
     Course Launch
     Course Status
    User Add/Update
     User Profile
    User Messages
     Organization Add/Update


Comprehensive administrative controls
Over 30 automatically generated emails (e.g. enrollment, reminder, etc.)
Automatically generate certificates of completion
Generate announcement emails
Approve enrollment requests


Over a dozen standard reports
Course Reports
     Course Completions by Course Report
    Course Enrollments by Publisher Report
     Course Enrollment Reports
     Course Payment by Credit Card Report
    Course Payment by Direct Bill Report
     Evidence of Competency by Certification Report
     Evidence of Competency by Course Report

Organization Training Reports
     Certification Detail by Location Report
     Certification Detail for Location Report
     Location Incomplete Self Studies Report
    Location Incomplete, No Show, Failed and Ineligible Report
    Location Training History Report
    Location Training Schedule Report
    Training Program Status by Certification Report
    Training Program Status by Course Report

User Reports
    Active Users Reports
     Certification Completions by Certification Report
    User Login Activity Report
    User Transcript Report
    User Transscript Audit Report

Ad Hoc Reporting Tool

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