Message Editor

Configure your LMS Emails

LatitudeLearning generates over two dozen types of email messages based on learner activity. The Message Editor gives you the power to completely tailor these email messages to your needs. With the Message Editor you can:

   Modify the email HTML content
   Modify the email subject
   Modify the From address
   Modify the Reply To address
   Set LMS Roles to be CCed
   Add BCC email addresses

Use the Message Editor to customize these learning management system email messages:

   Course - SCORM Content Deployment Failed
   Course - SCORM Content Deployment Manifest Load Failed
   Course - SCORM Content Deployment Max Retries Reached
   Course - SCORM Content Deployment Succeeded
   Course Enrollment - Due Date Reminder
   Course Enrollment - Past Due Date
   Course Enrollment - Request Denied
   Course Enrollment - Request Made
   Course Enrollment - Student Cancelled Enrollment
   Course Enrollment - Student Enrolled
   Course Enrollment - Student Waitlisted
   Course Enrollment - Upcoming Training Reminder
   Course Offering - Announcement Made
   Course Offering - Cancelled
   Course Offering - Schedule Changed
   Payment - Credit Card Payment Made
   Self Registration - Request Approved
   Self Registration - Request Denied
   Self Registration - Request Made
   Self Registration - Request Processed
   Student - Assessment Completed
   Student - Course Completed
   Student - Course Credit Expiration Reminder
   Student - Curriculum Completed
   Student - Login Credentials Added/Updated
   Student - Password Reset


Message Editor Screen Shot

LMS Message Editor Screen Shot
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