User Self Registration

Let Users Create Their Own Accounts

Creating user accounts for students manually can really consume an LMS Administrator's day. User Self Registration allows students to create their own user accounts in LatitudeLearning. This add-on relieves LMS Administrators of the burden of manual user management.

To request access to the learning management system students simply provide their first and last name name, email address, username and password on the User Sign Up page. LatitudeLearning then creates a "pending" user account using the default Position Code and Organization set by the LMS Administrator. LatitudeLearning also automatically emais the appropriate manager of the user access request. The manager can then approve, deny or change the user registration request. The LMS then automatically emails the user that requested LMS access of the manager's decision.

Customize Your Sign Up Workflow
The User Self Sign Up add-on can also be customized to meet your student sign up workflow. Below are several examples of how clients have had their User Self Sign Up workflow feature:

   Allow instant access with no approval

   Require additional user information (i.e. phone, address, etc.)

   Require users to enter organization code (e.g. store code or customer code) so approval is routed to the appropriate manager

   Automatically generate and email passwords instead of requiring users to enter passwords

   Augment user profiles with contact information


User Self Registration Page

LMS User Sign Up Page
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User Self Registration Approval

LMS User Sign Up Approval Page
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User Self Registration Setup

LMS User Sign Up Setup Page
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