Active-User Subscriptions

Active-User subscriptions provide you with a maximum number of active-users that can have an unlimited number of course enrollments.

Active-users are users with active login credentials (i.e. a user that can log on to the LMS). There is no cost for inactive users. Inactive users are users that cannot log into the system. All LMS user data for inactive users is retained for reporting and analysis. Inactive users can be re-activated at any time.

Here's How It Works

First, determine the maximum number of users that will be granted access to your LMS at any point in time. The greater your Maximum Active-Users, the lower your costs per active-user.

When determining your Maximum Active-Users keep in mind that this is the maximum number of users that can access your LMS at a point in time, not the total number of people you might train in a year.

For example, let's assume you're training a franchise network with up to 10,000 employees and a 25% turnover rate. Thus, there are never more than 10,000 franchise employees at any point in time but due to turnover 12,500 franchise employees receive training during the year. Under this scenario your Maximum Active-Users would be 10,000.

Second, use the table below to calculate your annual access license fees. If your Maximum Active-Users falls between two subscription levels, you'll have to round up to the next level. For example, if your Maximum Active-Users in 9,500, you'll need a 10,000 Active-User license.

Third, select the term of the license from the Contract Options table below. Our No Risk Contract option gives you maximum flexibility by allowing you to change your contract at anytime. This includes increasing or decreasing your Maximum Active-Users. It even includes cancelling your subscription, if desired.

Multi-year contracts include discounts that drive down your LMS costs. However, keep in mind that multi-year contracts have penalties for early cancellation.

Last, choose your payment option: monthly or annual. With the monthly payment option, each month we will charge your credit card and send you a paid-in-full invoice. With the annual payment option, you pay for 10 months up front and get 2 months free.

Latitude offers two payment options. You can enjoy the flexibility of paying monthly or the savings of paying annually.

Contract Options

Our multiple contract terms give you the ability to maximize flexibility while minimizing costs.