Enrollment Subscriptions

Enrollment subscriptions are annual subscriptions that allow a maximum number of course enrollments for an unlimited number of active users.

Enrollment subscriptions enable training organizations to align their LMS costs with their enrollment-based revenue.

Here's How It Works

First, determine the minimum number of enrollments per year that you can commit to. The greater your Annual Enrollment Commitment, the lower your costs per commitment.

When determining your Annual Enrollment Commitment keep in mind that enrollments can be added to your subscription anytime but your Annual Enrollment Commitment can not be reduced once your subscription starts. So be conservative in your commitment.

Second, use the table below to calculate your annual access license fees. You can add enrollments to your subscription in increments of 1,000. The cost of each 1,000 additional enrollments is based on the Cost per Enrollment of the subscription you select.

For example, a 11,000 enrollment subscription would be the cost of a 10,000 enrollment subscription ($22,500) plus the cost of 1,000 additional enrollments (1,000 enrollment x $2.25/enrollment) or $24,750.

Lastly, select the term of the license from the Contract Options table below. Multi-year discounts can help you drive down your LMS costs. However, keep in mind that enrollment subscriptions require a minimum commitment of at least one year and there are penalties for early cancellation.

Paid Annually

Annual Enrollment Commitment

Annual Fee

Cost per Enrollment

2,500 Enrollments



5,000 Enrollments

$12,500 $2.50

10,000 Enrollments

$22,500 $2.25

20,000 Enrollments

$35,000 $1.75

30,000 Enrollments

$43,500 $1.45

40,000 Enrollments

$50,000 $1.25

50,000 Enrollments

$57,500 $1.15

75,000 Enrollments

$78,250 $1.05

100,000 Enrollments

$95,000 $0.95

Over 100,000 Enrollments

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*Enrollments can be added to your Subscription in batches of 1,000 enrollments


Contract Options

Our multiple contract terms give you the ability to maximize flexibility while minimizing costs.

Contract Term


1 Year Contract

Minimum term, no credits

2 Year Contract

15% of 1st Year Access Fees

3 Year Contract

30% of 1st Year Access Fees

4 Year Contract

50% of 1st Year Access Fees

5 Year Contract

75% of 1st Year Access Fees