Setup Services

Our LMS Setup Services provide you with the support you need to successfully configure and launch your LatitudeLearning LMS.

Configuration Services

Configuration Consulting

$150 per hour

Branding Services
Branded LMS
Branded Certificate of Completion
Custom Certificate of Completion


Technical Services

Technical Consulting

$150 per hour

Modification Services
Client Customization
Product Enhancement

Fixed Fee + 20% per year
Fixed Fee

Data Migration Services
User import (standard format)
Transcript Import (standard format)
Organization Import (standard format)
Course Catalog Import (standard format)

$2,500 per load

Integration Services
Single Sign-On* (standard approach)
User Management System* (standard format)
Performance Data* (standard format)
Salesforce Connector*
Sharepoint Connector*


*All Integration Services require an additional $2,500 per year fee