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Display Home Page HTML by Position Group

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Enhance LatitudeLearning so administrators can configure the home page’s Home Page HTML by position group. The Home Page HTML is the section at the top of the Home Page.

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Unlimited Enroll Others and Course Goals

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Enhance the LMS to more easily assign courses to an unlimited number of students and send them announcements. The scope of this enhancement is to enhance LatitudeLearning so that a Portal Administrator can:

-         Define and save a set of rules that dynamically define a user population of unlimited size that will be called an “Audience”.

-         Send an announcement to an Audience.

-         Enroll an Audience in a course.

-         Assign an Audience a course goal with a due date that cannot be cancelled by students.

-         Schedule a course goal to be assigned to an Audience on a regular basis.

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