Enhancements In Development

Enhance Quick Profile Updater and Edit User Scoping

Go Live: 5/28/2017        Phase: Build

Update the User Details, Quick Profile Update and User Search to fully comply with an administrator’s data access scoping. This will better control whom an administrator can see and what attributes and profiles the administrator can manipulate.
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Unlimited Enroll Others and Audience

Go Live: 6/30/2017        Phase: Build

Enhance the LMS to more easily assign courses to an unlimited number of students and send them announcements. The scope of this enhancement is to enhance LatitudeLearning so that a Portal Administrator can:

  • Define and save a set of rules that dynamically define a user population of unlimited size that will be called an “Audience”.
  • Send an announcement to an Audience.
  • Enroll an Audience in a course.



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Add a Report Writer for Administrators

Go Live: 8/31/2017        Phase: Build

Create a new reporting engine that will allow Administrators to create, organize, save and run course transcript, certification/curriculum and some aging (30-60-90 day with y/n data) reports. Reports will be run asynchronously. LatitudeLearning will send an email to the user with a link to the executed report. The executed reports will be saved in a Saved Reports folders for 30 days. Users will be able to view the report online and export it to a PDF or CSV file.


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Student UI Prototype

Go Live: 12/31/2017        Phase: Requirements

Latitude is building a new student UI prototype. It will be responsive design, with a configurable home page and a contemporary look and feel. We will be building it during March and April with the intent of demoing it to clients afterwards.

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