LMS Roadmap

Technology is forever changing, and so is your LMS. We have updated our technology platform, enhanced the functionality of the system and embraced a direction to enhance the system for a broad spectrum of industries. Now we want your input!

Join your LMS community by participating in discussions on the enhancements that are important to you and your organization. Vote for the enhancement that you would like to see go live by "liking" and commenting on the post.

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Proposed Enhancements

51 Likes  Like User Groups and Profiles

35 Likes  Like Paypal E-Commerce Services Update

19 Likes  Like New Student User Interface

14 Likes  Like Permit Portal administrators to choose logo for certificates

7 Likes  Like Enhance Add Interest to use Advanced User Search with Unlimited Users

6 Likes  Like New Admin User Interface

6 Likes  Like Enable catalog selection for new Business Units

5 Likes  Like Share Questions across Assessments

5 Likes  Like Rename Organization Units to reflect network of organizations

4 Likes  Like Associate Assessment Survey with a Course

4 Likes  Like Automated Goals Assignment

4 Likes  Like New Manager User Interface

3 Likes  Like CC Managers on Messages

3 Likes  Like Copy Course Button

3 Likes  Like Enhance user merge to work with Person-to-Person Reporting

3 Likes  Like Sign Up Widget and Login Widget

3 Likes  Like Checkbox for Completed Certifications

3 Likes  Like Support for Asian Languages

3 Likes  Like Error Messages

3 Likes  Like Add Department Field

3 Likes  Like Unintentionally Deleting User Group Membership

3 Likes  Like Advanced Search Enhancement

2 Likes  Like Include Signup Link in Login widget

2 Likes  Like Enhance Featured Courses and Next Required Training Widget

2 Likes  Like Featured Courses and Next Required Training

2 Likes  Like User "Isn't" Search Operator

2 Likes  Like Create Administrator APIs

2 Likes  Like Create Manager APIs

2 Likes  Like Create a set of Student API's

2 Likes  Like Enhance the Department Certification and Curriculum pages to include staff with non-subordinated position codes

2 Likes  Like Create User Interface to manage Brands

2 Likes  Like Require user to reset password after a system or administrator generated password is issued

2 Likes  Like Improve Resource Search Results

2 Likes  Like Display End-Dated Overlapping Profiles

2 Likes  Like Create a wizard for adding users

2 Likes  Like Custom User Fields

2 Likes  Like Customer Location Fields

2 Likes  Like Enable N-tier Business Organization Structures

2 Likes  Like "CC" Direct Managers

1 Likes  Like Sorting by User Group

1 Likes  Like User Move Restriction

0 Likes  Like Creating Users

0 Likes  Like Course Messaging

0 Likes  Like Direct Reports Switch for Approvals tab

0 Likes  Like Data Sets for the Reporting Engine

0 Likes  Like Use of Icons in UI

0 Likes  Like Multi-SCO Courses

0 Likes  Like Advance Notice Reminder Schedule

0 Likes  Like Notifications of Registrations

0 Likes  Like Auto Enrollment in Offering from Interest List
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