LMS Professional Services

​Below are the Professional Services Latitude offers in order to get your LMS up and running, and keeping it that way.

Our Professional Services encompasses three different areas of service - Setup, Operational and Training.

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Setup Services


LMS Setup are the one-time services needed to successfully configure and launch your learning management system.


Operational Services


Operational Support are services to help operate your LearningCenter LMS after you launch. These services provide ongoing support to help manage your training program.


Training Services


Training services aim with the goal to make you a LearningCenter LMS expert. Learn all about your new role as a Portal Administrator and how to make your LMS play by your rules.


Your Success is Our Goal

​Our goal is to ensure you successfully manage and deliver your training program. Your success is our success!

Our Professional Services are based on Latitude's B2B Delivery Methodology. ​Our delivery methodology ensures that your LMS implementation addresses all the areas needed to successfully roll out your training program.

Latitude's B2B Delivery Methodology

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