Setup Services

LMS Setup Approaches

Our LMS Setup Approaches involve the implementation stage of your LatitudeLearning LMS. Latitude offers two different LMS Setup approaches, Client Driven and Latitude Driven.

 Client Driven

  • With the Client Driven setup approach you are the driver of your LMS. It was built with the technically savvy in mind and follows a "Do It Yourself" approach with limited support to get going.

  • You are in control of determining your project plan, executing and launching your LearningCenter LMS.

  • *With the Client Driven approach, only Configuration Services are available.


LMS Setup Services

Our LMS Setup Services provide you with the support you need to successfully configure and launch your learning management system. Our LMS Setup services include both Configuration Services and Technical Services.

Configuration Services
These services are offered to aid in the design and branding of your LearningCenter.

Configuration Consulting  Our consultants will help configure your LearningCenter to support your training program. Not only are consultants available to provide guidance and answer any setup questions, they are also specialized to help with user management, content management, feature management and site text.

Branding Services  Let us brand your LearningCenter for you.

    Branded LMS - We will configure your LearningCenter to be an extension of your organization. Set your LearningCenter colors, logos, welcome and log-in page content, and left navigation column content.
    Branded Certificate of Completion - We will configure your certificate of completion with your logo. 
    Custom Certificate of Completion - We will custom configure your certificate of completion.

                                                                              Technical Services
Your LearningCenter is your training platform and can be tailored to your needs. With our experts on your side, you have the power to bring your ideal training program to life. 

Technical Consulting  Sometimes configuration is not enough and you need to enlist the help of technical services. Through the power of our consultants, have your very own virtual IT department.

Modification Services  Need your LMS code modified to meet your exact needs? We are the only cloud-based LMS that is architected to support custom code.

    Client Customization - Code modifications that are unique to your LearningCenter and not made available to other clients. Our technical consultants customize your LearningCenter's code to your exact specifications. Since the customization is unique to your LearningCenter, additional funds for software assurance apply.
    Product Enhancement - Code modifications that enhance the LMS for our client community. Our technical consultants enhance the LMS with your direct input. Since the enhancement is for the good of the community, no additional funds for software assurance is necessary.

Data Migration Services  When implementing a learning management system, there may be valuable data in other systems that need to be migrated to your new LMS. We can import that data for you.

    User Import - Rather than you importing users manually one at a time, we will import user data from other systems and migrate it to your new LearningCenter.
    Transcript Import - We will import user transcript data from other systems and migrate it to your new LearningCenter.
    Organization Import - We will migrate your organization data to your new LearningCenter.
    Course Catalog Import - We will import past courses from other systems and migrate to your new LearningCenter LMS.

Integration Services  In today's world, inter-connectivity is key. Whether it's connecting to or your HRIS for user management, we can connect your LMS to any 3rd party application.

    Single Sign-On - Allow your users to single-click login to the LearningCenter from a 3rd party application.
    User Management System - Add, modify and deactivate users automatically from a 3rd party application.
    Performance Data - Add and update performance data from a 3rd party application for report and certifications.
    Salesforce Connector - Pass user data back and forth between Salesforce and your LearningCenter.
    Sharepoint Connector - Access secured Sharepoint documents via the LearningCenter Resource Library.