With our Client Driven setup approach, YOU are the driver of your LMS. You are in control of determining your project plan, executing and launching your LatitudeLearning LMS. This approach follows a "Do It Yourself" model with limited support from Latitude to get going.

Here's the plan:

1. Set-up two free LatitudeLearning LMSs - We recommend setting up two free LMSs - one for production and one for testing. It's much easier to perform testing on a different platform, leaving your production LMS a test-free zone. They're free, so why not?

2. Get your FREE LMS training on! - To help get started, Latitude offers a free Getting Started webinar for New Portal Administrators. Learning about basic LMS functions and your role as Portal Administrator is an important first step. But the FREE training doesn't stop there, use the Portal Administrator Support Center for more free support resources - including how-to instructions, new user guides, training videos and so much more. 

3. Need more training? - Fill in the holes with Latitude's paid LMS Webinar Training. Our webinars will teach you how to build a solid foundation of organizational structures, positions, roles and courses - and how they all work together. Browse our LMS Webinar Training Catalog. Already a Portal Administrator? Enroll through your LMS Portal today! 

4. Document requirements - An important step in the implementation of your LearningCenter LMS is to document your training program's requirements. You need to determine how you will organize users, manage training materials and track progress. 

5. Purchase Configuration Services and appropriate subscription - Now that you have an understanding of how your LatitudeLearning LMS works and what you need it do to, you can purchase configuration services to help you express your training program in the LMS and the appropriate LMS subscription license.

6. Schedule your Configuration Consultations - We recommend four one-hour sessions per week for the first 2-3 weeks and then two one-hour sessions per week throughout the remainder of your setup. 

7. Go Live! - You have successfully setup your LatitudeLearning LMS and you are ready for production. Our Support Team is always here for you. Upgrade your number of users at any time through your LMS portal.