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Getting Started: become an LMS expert.

Do you want to take charge of your LMS and guide it to play by your house rules? Learning about basic LMS functions and how to tailor your LMS is an important first step. Our Getting Started webinar will teach you the crucial 5 steps you need to know to customize your LMS and kick-off your training program.

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Managing training with a pre-configured LMS
Latitude has already configured your LMS, so set-up couldn't be easier.
This webinar will cover what you are able to do today to make
your LMS your own:
1. Create a User
2. Create a Course
3. Enroll Users in a Course

Plus plenty of time for Questions & Answers about your own situation.      

How to Enroll

Portal Administrators can view the upcoming training schedule by logging into your LMS portal and selecting, from the Left Navigation Menu, Site Management => LMS Training. This link will route you to the LMS Support and Training portal. Login with your current username and password to enroll.