Instructors and Managers

 Welcome to the Support Center designed with 
Managers, Instructors, and Administrators in mind! 

Here you will find Performance Support documentation on how to manage your users, conduct live courses, report on training activities, and more.

Explore LMS functionality by topic, or check out our New User Guides and Training Videos for a quick introduction. 

Every LMS portal comes standard with Course, User, and Organization Training activity reports. The reporting feature is only made available to users assigned administrative or managerial roles, and provides tailored lists of reports based on the general needs of each role. 

CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION: List of Standard LMS Reports with Descriptions, Filter Criteria, and Expected Results

We understand that this "out-of-box" setup may not fit all of our customers' reporting needs. Some Portal Administrators request custom built reports, or choose to customize the list of reports available to each LMS role. Based on your organization's preferences, you may see more, fewer or even different reports from the standard list. To review the list of reports available to you, log into your portal and select "Reports" from the Left Navigation Menu.

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