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Performance Support Documents provide how-to instructions on optimizing LMS features to accommodate your unique training needs.
Performance Support Documents

Course Configuration and Administration
Add a New Course to the LMS
Add an eLearning Course and Upload SCORM Content
Create a Self-Study Course for Self-Paced Training
Adding Classroom Courses and Offerings
Conduct Online Meetings and Webinars via Classroom Course Offerings
Design Assessments to Evaluate Student Proficiency
Embed an Image or Video in Assessment Course Content
Employ Course Group for Multiple Completion Requirement
Organize Course Catalogs by Major
Browse Courses by Topic
Restrict Course Visibility and Open Enrollment Dates
Set Up a Course Deadline and Due Date Reminders
Bundle Multiple Courses into an Ordered Series
Set Prerequisite Rules for a Course or Course Series
Establish Equivalency Rules to Grant Course Credit
Feature Courses on LMS Users’ Home Page
Create Subscription Programs for Specific LMS Locations
Create Resources to Support Learners and Enhance Training Programs
Restrict Resource Visibility to Authorized Users Only
Introduction to Certification and Curriculum Management

  Training Videos 
How to Add an eLearning Course
How to Deploy SCORM Content
How to Add a Self Study Course
How to Add a Classroom Course
How to Add an Offering
How to Enroll in a Course
How to Enroll Others

Training Webinars
Self-Study Course and Resource Catalog Management
e-Learning Course Management
Classroom Course Management
Offering and Instructor Management
Assessment Authoring and Management
Course Enrollment and Approvals
Subscription Management

Four-Part Training Series:
Competency Overview
Certification Setup and Assignment
Curriculum Setup and Assignment
Competency Monitoring and Reporting

  Student Enrollment and Transcript Records
Enrolling Others in a Course
Administrative Use of Interest Lists
Create User Distribution Lists for Classroom Course Enrollment
Utilize Wait Lists for Classroom Course Enrollment
Process Rosters to Document Enrollment and Credit
for Course Offerings

Add Student Training History for Past Course Offerings
Manage Student Training History - Review, Add, 
or Edit Transcripts

Adobe Connect - Quick Start Guide for Hosts
Adobe Connect - Quick Start Guide for Participants
Every LMS portal comes standard with Course, User, and Organization Training activity reports. The reporting feature is only made available to users assigned administrative or managerial roles, and provides tailored lists of reports based on the general needs of each role. 

CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION: List of Standard LMS Reports with Descriptions, Filter Criteria, and Expected Results

We understand that this "out-of-box" setup may not fit all of our customers' reporting needs. Some Portal Administrators request custom built reports, or choose to customize the list of reports available to each LMS role. Based on your organization's preferences, you may see more, fewer or even different reports from the standard list. To review the list of reports available to you, log into your portal and select "Reports" from the Left Navigation Menu.

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