Add Departments to Organize Users within Locations

All Latitude Learning LMS users are inherently grouped by basic profile assignments such as Role, Position and Organization unit (i.e. Company, Business Unit, Division, Location). However, our LMS provides portal administrators the option to further organize users into functional groups by creating a Department unit or ad-hoc User Group. These user categories can then be leveraged to configure unique lists of employees for the purposes of mass enrollment, ad-hoc announcements, activity reporting, and more.
This document provides step-by-step instructions on how to create a Department and manage user membership. It will also explain the main drivers and key functionality of this LMS feature, which may ease many of your daily administrative processes.


A Department is a grouping of Positions across a Business Structure. Creating a Department is useful when you want a specialized sub-location organization that is common to all Locations. For example, if you define a Sales and a Service department, every Location in your business structure will automatically include a Sales and a Service department.

By design, positions can only be associated with one department at a time.

Key Drivers and Functionality

Reasons you may want to consider classifying users as belonging to a Department:

  • User Search: All User Pickers and User Search pages allow you to filter results by Department. Because these search tools appear in many features throughout the LMS, having pre-defined groups can help simplify the user selection process. For example, you can utilize Department assignments to create a custom distribution list for ad-hoc Announcement messaging, or to batch enroll users who must complete specified courses to meet department training standards.
  • Competency Management: When creating Certification Programs, a Department Objective can be included as a performance-driven requirement for completion.
  • Employee Oversight: Departments provide an excellent option for a manager to view his or her employees' status in a Certification or Curriculum program, using filtered views from the manager’s “Employees” tab.
  • Reports: In many of our standard LMS activity reports, you can select Department as a selection criterion and/or include it in the report output.


To add Department as a sub-location level in your organizational structure:
  1. From the left navigation menu, select Organization => Add Department.
  2. Fill out all required fields, as marked by asterisks (*). Note: Administrators can provide the “Department Name” in multiple languages, but must first save it in English and then edit the record with translated content. Also, entering a date prior today’s date in the “Effective End Date” field will deactivate the Department.
  3. Click the Select Positions link to open the Position Picker. This works the same as all pickers in our LMS: Enter the appropriate search criteria, or leave blank to return all results, and click Search
  4. From the list of results, click Add for each position you want added to the group. You can review and edit the list of positions in the "Position Basket" on the left side of the window.
  5. Click Check Out to update the group.

6.  The list of positions to be added will appear at the bottom of the Add/Edit Department page, under the the “Select Positions” link. Click Submit to save changes. 

A message at the top of the page will confirm when your edit is successful.

Manage Members of a Department

Users are organized into Departments according to the Positions assigned in their active user profiles. The Positions within a Department, and therefore all associated users, can be edited at the Department level.

  1. From the left navigation menu, select Organization => Search Departments
  2. Conduct your search and click the department Name to open the Add/Edit Department page.
  3. Click Select Positions to open the Position Picker and make updates, noting that any changes made may affect other departments. (Remember that Positions can only be associated with one Department at a time.)
  4. Make your desired edits and click Submit to save changes.