Reset or Change Your Password

If you do not remember the password to your Latitude Learning LMS account and need to reset it:

  1. From the Sign In screen, click Forgot Your Password.
  2. In the Forgot Password window, enter your LMS Username and E-mail information.
  3. Click SubmitThe LMS will send you an email with a new system-generated password. 

Return to the Sign In page and type your new access credentials to log in. Please do not try copy/pasting the new password, as this will likely result in a failed login attempt.

Once you are logged into the LMS, you can change your password under the My Details tab, as shown in the screenshot below.

My Details page listing LMS user information

Note: The LMS sets a six attempt limit on failed logins to your account before locking it. After the fifth unsuccessful attempt, the “Log In” button is replaced by the “Reset Your Password” button. To avoid locking your account at this point:

  1. Click Reset Your Password to open the Forgot Password window and request a new password as instructed above.
  2. Close and re-open your browser before attempting to log in with the new password.

Once your account is locked, you must contact your portal administrator or support staff to unlock it.