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34% of organizations use compliance training to meet regulatory requirements, certify employees and further the development of talent

72% of organizations reported they are currently working toward making compliance training more strategic

33% of organizations claim that learning has played a significant role in helping employees transition to remote work as a result of COVID

45% of organizations use compliance training to improve individual performance outcomes

Certification, Compliance and Competency: Adaptive Processes to Address Remote Learning Challenges

The COVID-19 Pandemic had a profound impact on organizations all over the globe. Organizations that require certification, compliance, and demonstration of competency through participation in structured, often intensive hands-on training programs, were uniquely impacted.

While many organizations adapted to do what they could, the ability for some organizations to pivot from hands-on learning activities proved difficult and at times impossible. As we emerge from the pandemic and work to embrace the ‘new normal’, many of these organizations work to return to the way it was.

During this complimentary webinar, we discuss the impacts of COVID on hands-on compliance and certification-based training programs. We will explore the challenges and opportunities, as well as options and strategies to not only recover, but prepare for another disruption.

Join David Wentworth, Principal Analyst at Brandon Hall Group, and David Proegler, Managing Principal at Latitude CG, discuss the impact of the pandemic on these types of training programs and what options they have going forward. Discussion topics include:

  • How was your compliance/certification-based program impacted by COVID?
  • What accommodations did you need to make to maintain your programs?
  • Were their business impacts related to the accommodations?
  • Are their limitations in Technology that need to be addressed to make it more viable?
  • What strategies are being explored to address the long-term need?