Able Swordplay: Latitude provides great experience
By Sonia Gottfried


Latitude CG, home of LatitudeLearning, the channel LMS that trains more people with less effort provides a platform to Able Swordplay LLC a provider of investment-grade arms and armor, also specializing in service and training.


According to Mark Salesky, General Manager, when asked why LatitudeLearning was selected to manage Able Swordplay LLS's training program, he responded: after surveying several alternatives, LatitudeLearning was selected because it offered a structured Learning Management System that suited our training needs at Able Swordplay.

Salesky also noted that LatitudeLearning provides excellent outreach and support to benefit their organization's overall LMS experience.

Jeff Walter, CEO of Latitude CG said "Latitude is committed to providing the training platform that companies like Able Swordplay are seeking."

About Able Swordplay LLC
Able Swordplay LLC started in 2007 to provide advice on investment-grade collectibles featuring arms and armor. In 2011 Able Swordplay was reorganized to specialize in management consulting services and training.

About LatitudeCG

Latitude CG, home of LatitudeLearning, the channel LMS and base to LatitudeConnect the software that drives channel performance, has been in the business of providing LMS solutions designed to manage training programs for companies throughout the world for more than 30 years. With a primary focus on Training, Engagement, and Analytics, Latitude CG's comprehensive LatitudeLearning delivers effective training programs for the employees and associates of franchises, dealerships and other affiliates. Over 4 million people across 20,000 organizations have used LatitudeLearning to manage training.

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