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By Sarah Robinson


LatitudeLearning is gathering requirements for a major enhancement to the student experience: Course Catalog. We have broken the development process into a series of product releases, with end goal being a new-tile based course list and intuitive filter options. The first phase of this enhancement is building a Course Image library into the LMS, where administrators can upload files and associate them with any course in the catalog.

PHASE I: Course Image

This first enhancement, scheduled to release September 2019, will provide Portal Administrators the ability to build a Course Images library within the Site Management > Edit Images tool. Then associate an image with any number of courses in the catalog. 

  • For best quality, use image files with pixel dimensions 350 x 150 (21:9 ratio)
  • Image file size under 10MB
  • Maintain LMS branding and course image libraries separately

Course Details and Course General Information pages will include a corresponding Course Image field. By default, each course will display its associated “Course Type” icon, as seen in new pages: Courses to Complete, Training History . Customize your course catalog by replacing the default with a branded image from your library.

  • Open a course record and navigate to the General tab. 
  • Use the Course Image drop-down menu to select a custom image from the library. Or click the Upload Images link to open the Course Image library in new window/tab. Restore the default Course Type icon any time by selecting “None” from the drop-down menu. Once you have selected the desired image, click Save Course.
  • Click the Details tab to see your image proportionally centered in "Course Image" field. 


PHASE II: Featured Courses

To review our requirements and design document for this future enhancement, CLICK HERE. The Featured Courses project has two goals:

  1. Offer course list, detail, enrollment status, and action options from a single page. This is a first step toward eliminating the legacy Course Details page from the new student/manager workflow.
  2. Develop standard page layout and card design for future enhancements: Course Catalog, Subscription Courses, Courses To Complete, Course Offerings

We always appreciate client feedback, which can be sent to UAT Leader .

PHASE III: Course Catalog

Once we have released a new course list view to the LMS product, we will start gathering requirements for a new Course Catalog page. We want your thoughts on how to best categorize, filter, and display the course catalog to optimize your user experience.

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