American Board of Emergency Medicine
By Jeff Walter


American Board of Emergency Medicine

Web-Based Certification System for Medical Board

The American Board of Emergency Medicine, a medical specialty certification board, certifies emergency physicians and manages a formal Maintenance of Certification (MoC) process for emergency physicians who meet its educational, professional standing, and examination standards.

Business Need

Increasingly, the American Board of Emergency Medicine (ABEM) had be­gun using technology and the Inter­net to streamline processes associated with its Emergency Medical Continuing Certification (EMCC) program. The cur­rent certification management system required manual application and reg­istration processes, where candidates had to contact ABEM staff who would then manually perform administrative tasks for the candidate. ABEM had de­cided a web‑based system would en­hance and accommodate streamlined business practices related to the EMCC program, while maintaining a com­mon application architecture and cen­tral database of information


LatitudeLearning launched EMCC On­line, an ABEM branded version of the Open-Source learning management system (LMS). EMCC Online helped streamline the following certification processes.

  • Candidate/Diplomate information management, including organiza­tion and maintenance of data in paper and electronic form and re­sponse to requests for information.
  • Candidate/Diplomate activities re­lated to the application and regis­tration of residents and candidates for in-training, certification, recer­tification and subspecialty exams.

LatitudeLearning provided core LMS functionality to manage examina­tions and certification. Candidates could now run reports, view individual certification status, and register for examinations. It also allowed ABEM administrators to manage examination facilities, resources, and schedules. LatitudeLearning features that met the certification needs of ABEM and its geographically dispersed clients in­cluded:

    • Flexible certification configuration could be easily adapted to chang­ing business rules and constraints of the EMCC processes.
    • Exam date, session, and location would be automatically scheduled for candidates according to their geographic location, wait list and recertification status, and other EMCC business rules.
    • Certification paths enabled both ABEM staff, candidates, and diplo­mates to view progress toward cer­tification.

The LatitudeLearning implementation of EMCC Online provided hundreds of users with immediate web-based access to their certification data. Candidates could begin the certification process anywhere, at anytime


ABEM audiences accepted EMCC On­line, which delivered the following benefits:

    • Candidate access to the system streamlined processes and decreased the number of administration re­quests by candidates.
    • Reduced administrative effort and cost to develop and accommodate EMCC best practices.
    • Candidates could quickly assess their certification progress.
    • LatitudeLearning flexibility and system scalability allowed ABEM to more efficiently manage a large number of geographically dispersed candidates.’s Open-Source LMS streamlined administrative processes so ABEM could more efficiently manage its continuing certification program through EMCC Online.


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