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Latitude Learning LMS Release Notes (v2.5.1.62644)

Posted by John Schroeder  11/18/2012   0 Comments


The Latitude Learning Team announces the latest release of the Latitude Learning LMS. This release (version was promoted to production on Sunday, November 18, 2012 and included the following updates and enhancements...


ICS attachments on Course Enrollment Confirmation Emails - In response to requests from a number of Administrators, with this release, ICS formatted calendar files will be attached to automated Course Enrollment Confirmation emails for enrollments to offerings in Classroom and Virtual Classroom type courses.

Link to Content feature made available for existing LMS portals - In an effort to promote Latitude's new Link to Content functionality for general availability, Latitude has taken steps to ensure that all portal have access to this new and powerful, which allows administrators to provide dynamic linking to externally hosted videos, sites and content, or deep-linking users to content within the LMS.  For additional information on this feature, please click HERE.


Warning Message when opening documents in Office 2012
- Administrators reported receiving warning messages when attempting to open Office 2010 documents, for example the message "Word found unreadable content in "Create a Purchase Order.docx. Do you want to recover the contents? If you trust the source of this document, click Yes" was displayed when attempting to open an Office 2010 Word document. Reportedly this message was displayed for document with a format of (.docx, .xlsx, .pptx). With this release of the LMS, warning messages should no longer appear in this scenario.

Error when attempting to edit user profiles - LMS Administrators reported receiving an error message when attempting to edit users that did not have a default profile already assigned, typically as a result of imported user data into the LMS. This release addresses this reported issue.

Transcript Status incorrectly posted - Our LMS Administrator community reported an issue where in certain circumstance, a SCORM success status was being passed as "Failed" and Completion Status as Completed, and the student's transcript was incorrectly updated with an "Attend-Pass" status instead of a status of "Failed" (thereby triggering errant completion notifications and completion certificates in the LMS). With the release, additional checks have been incorporated to ensure the correct status is tracked and recorded in the LMS.

Organization Picker not displaying scoped organizations - For specific custom LMS configurations, LMS managers holding the role of 'Administrator' reported that although Add User functionality was enabled for their portal, the organization picker was not present organizations that they are scoped for, and were therefore unable to add users as expected. The release addressed this issue and the picker now returns the appropriate list of organizations that the administrator is scoped to.

Publisher no longer displayed on Course Details – In response to requests from a number of LMS Administrators, the Publisher field was removed from the Course Details page. With the release, Publisher is no longer displayed in this location.

Error when entering HTML in Course Description - LMS administrator community reported receiving an error when attempting to create a course that included HTML encoding in the course Course Description field on the Add Course page. With this release, Administrators can now encode HTML in the Course Description field.

Resources disappear when using Firefox - An LMS Administrator reported that when using Firefox, the resources attached to a Self-Study course disappeared from the Course Details page after a user clicked on the Launch Content button. This issue has been addressed with this release of the LMS.

Certification Program Settings Misleading - An issue was reported regarding the certification program configuration screen which presents all new position groups as set for auto-calculation when they may not actually be fully setup. A fix has been made to ensure display of the correct current settings.

Single quote in user name causes error - An LMS Administrator reported an issue where a single quote was entered in one of the first, last or user name fields (for example a last name of O'Connor) on User Search page, clicked the Search button, then received an error message. The release addresses this issue.

Thank you again for your valuable feedback and input into ongoing enhancements to the LMS. For additional information regarding these and other capabilities, please contact the Latitude Learning Support Team at  .

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