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Latitude Learning LMS Release Notes (v2.5.1.62646)

Posted by John Schroeder  12/17/2012   0 Comments


The Latitude Learning Team announces the latest release of the Latitude Learning LMS. This release (version was promoted to production on Monday, December 17, 2012 and included the following updates and enhancements...


Courses - Updates to Course Statuses: 
Administrator community requested the change to existing course statuses to remove the "x -": Several LMS administrators asked to have the Course Status values revised. With the release of the LMS we have revised the status values as follows:
> A - Attend(Pass)" has been changed to "Pass(Attend)"
> C - Cancel" has been changed to "Cancel"
> F - Fail" has been changed to "Fail"
> X - Attend no Bill (Pass) has been changed to "Pass No Bill(Attend)

Upgrade My LMS Updates - 2013 Options: Upgrade My LMS form available to Portal Administrators under Site Management has been updated to better reflect current offerings on LMS Product Setup Pricing tab. Please review all of our current add-ons and services.

Address Entry - State / Province Dropdown: As part of this promotion, additional validation was put in place for address controls to better present and enforce appropriate State/Province options based on Country selection.


Courses and Resources - Link to Content URL field in Self-Study Delivery Method: Portal Administrator community raised the issue of certain internal URLs that were not being accepted when submitting a new link-type Resource. It was determined that the page was looking for certain characters (e.g. "." as in .com), which may not always be present for both internal and external URLs. This update works to further configure acceptance of any fully qualified URL into a linked resource (as well as 'Link to Classroom' and 'Link to Content' entry).
Certification - Eligible user unable to enroll for course: Administrator community was reporting that 'Enroll' action button was not active when eligible users attempted to view and enroll in courses via their Certification tab in the LMS. Updates were made to ensure action button is accurately checking status and eligibility to enroll for user.

Certification - Compleetion Certificate Issue: Several LMS Administrators reported that the LMS either generated an incorrect certificate or a system error when they attempted to print a certificate using the Print Certificate feature. This reported issue has been addressed with the release of the LMS.

Courses - Issue with Offerings Setup: Administrator community reported a data entry validation issue tied to Reminder Message setup where removing reminder days and marking Reminder Message as 'No', the page was still looking for entry of a valid set of days. Validation rules have been updated to resolve this issue.

Organizations - Search not behaving consistently: Several LMS administrators reported that the organization structure drill down behaves inconsistently on the SEARCH ORGANIZATION page. Specifically, when a COMPANY, Business Unit (BU) or Division is specified subordinates are displayed as expected. However when LOCATION is specified, nothing is displayed. With the release of the LMS, this issue has been addressed.

Resources - Editing a Resource fails for User with improper profile: Administrator community reported that a Portal Administrator without a company level profile and without Student role at location level received an 'Edit Failed' message when trying to edit a resource name or change a file. The resource was then no longer able to be found using search. It appeared the organization connection record for the resource was deleted. This issue has been addressed with the release of the LMS.

User Groups - Drop Down not ordered: Administrator community was reporting that the drop down list of User Groups was not alpha-ordered for ease in searching and requested update. With the release, User Groups are now sequenced in ascending alpha order throughout the site (i.e. on filter pages and general listings of User Groups).

Certifications - Add Program (Year): Performance issues were noted by administrator community when adding new 'Program' (Year) under Certification Management tools. Issue was tied to background processes tied to setup of new Certification Program, which were
inadvertently impacting CPU processing. Processes were tuned to reduce performance hit.

Thank you again for your valuable feedback and input into ongoing enhancements to the LMS. For additional information regarding these and other capabilities, please contact the Latitude Learning Support Team at .

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