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How do I author a SCORM course?

Posted by Jeff Walter  1/17/2013   8 Comments


Our LMS does not include an authoring tool to build SCORM courses. There are a lot of great authoring tools out there but our favorite is Articulate's Storyline. It's a powerful, easy-to-use authoring tool that works well with any LMS and doesn't require a lot of technical knowledge to use.
The easiest way to get started in e-learning authoring is to use Articulate's Presenter to convert narrated PowerPoint presentations into SCORM courses. Presenter has less functionality than Storyline but costs less.
Regardless of the which authoring tool you select, they all produce a zip file that contains all the course files. To load the course in our LMS you simply create the catalog entry for the course and upload the zip file. Our "How do I set up an e-learning (SCORM) course in the LMS?" FAQ provides step by step instructions on how to do this.

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    Presenter has lower functionality than Storyline however expenses lower.
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  • ABWE 11/19/2013
    What this SCORM course is exactly about? From where Can I get more details regarding this?
  • Costello Builders 10/2/2013
    Even I find Articulate's Storyline tool easy to use. The main advantage of using these tool is one is not required to be technically too strong.
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    Articulate's Storyline is very powerful, easy-to-use authoring tool that really works and we can use it efficiently.
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