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Latitude Learning LMS Release Notes (v2.5.1.63154)

Posted by John Schroeder  1/20/2013   0 Comments


The Latitude Learning Team announces the latest release of the Latitude Learning LMS. This release (version was promoted to production on Sunday, January 20, 2013 and included the following updates...


Supported Course Language Updated: With this update, the instructional languages displayed on the Course Add and Course General Information pages now reflect the complete list of languages supported by the Latitude Learning LMS. Note that non-English languages (i.e. Student View Language Packs) are available as an Add-On capability in the LMS. Languages supported include:

German - Germany (de-DE)
English - United States (en-US)
Spanish - Spain (es-ES)
Spanish - Mexico (es-MX)
French - Canadian (fr-CA)
French – French (fr-FR)
Italian - Italy (it-IT)
Japanese - Japan (ja-JP)
Korean - Korea (ko-KR)
Dutch - Netherlands (nl-NL)
Polish - Poland (pl-PL)
Portuguese - Brazil (pt-BR)
Russian - Russia (ru-RU)
Chinese - China (zh-CN)

Enroll Others Enhanced to Handle Larger Batch Enrollment Activities: This update addresses performance issues noted by our Portal Administrator community, specifically tied to large batch enrollment attempts for a given course in the LMS. The Enroll Others functionality has been updated so that authorized administrators can now process up to several hundred user enrollments at a time, and the LMS now provides feedback that processing is in-progress.

Report Labels Now More Consistent: This update addressed feedback from our administrative community regarding the consistency of Report labels in the LMS. With this update, report labels listed on the Report menu page are more consistent.

‘Upcoming Webinars’ Web Part Not Showing Student Status: This update addresses an issue reported by the administrative community where the Registration Status tied to the set of offerings listed under the Upcoming Webinar heading was not being displayed as expected (e.g. ‘Scheduled’ or ‘Completed’). Updates were made to accurately display a user’s Registration Status for each line item.

CD-ROM Delivery Type Has Been Eliminated:
Based on feedback from several administrators, the CD-ROM course delivery type has been removed as a selection from the Pending Enrollments search criteria.

Add Interest Course Picker Results Not Including All Courses: This update addresses an issue reported by a portal administrator where not all courses meeting the criteria were being displayed by the Add Interest / Course Picker. Updates were made to ensure that not only Classroom and Virtual Classrooms courses, but also Self Study and e-Learning courses were being displayed as expected.

Thank you again for your valuable feedback and input into ongoing enhancements to the LMS. For additional information regarding these and other capabilities, please contact the Latitude Learning Support Team at .

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