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Primrose Schools LMS Case Study

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Primrose Schools

Latitude LMS Helps Schools Administer Training

Primrose Schools is the first early childhood education organization in the country to receive AdvancEDSM Corporation Systems Accreditation under the new Standards for Quality Early Learning Schools. Primrose partners with parents to help children build the right foundation for future learning and life and offers an environment that helps children have fun while nurturing Active Minds, Healthy Bodies and Happy Hearts®. The privately held company is based in Acworth, GA

Business Need

Founded in 1982, Primrose Schools is the nation’s leader in providing a premier educational child care experience in more than 260 schools across 17 states. Managing the delivery of training to such a large and geographically diverse network created the need for an integrated method of knowledge sharing. As a franchised business, Primrose Schools needed the ability to engage a variety of stakeholders including company management, Franchise Owners as well as several thousand teachers, all while promoting a uniform process for exchanging critical information.

Any successful learning solution would be primarily required to support ongoing professional development for teachers, staff and affiliates. It was also important to maintain consistent messaging and content across their growing network of Franchise Owners. Achieving these goals would require a scalable and adaptive approach in order to improve the company’s training capacity.

Primrose Schools had previously relied on a third party software application to develop and manage its training. However, the vendor’s inability to scale with user demand limited the overall effectiveness and was ultimately unsustainable. The company was also keenly aware of the need to track user participation as well as measure performance relative to training. This initiative would require an entirely new methodology to effectively manage such a wide variety of unique training challenges. Further, a learning platform with integrated support for content authoring was preferred since the company expected to self-manage development of new learning material.


Primrose Schools chose Latitude Learning for its specific expertise in implementing online learning strategies. Latitude’s history, exceptional client reputation and robust product features helped them make their choice. The company elected a technology based approach and partnered with Latitude Learning to launch a customized LMS portal with capacity for eLearning, instructor led and CD-ROM training.

The new LMS portal included virtual classroom support for up to 100 concurrent users and allowed Primrose to incorporate some of the benefits of blended learning. Blended Learning is an increasingly popular training method characterized by combining elements of traditional instructor led training with Internet-based eLearning. The Primrose Schools LMS contains learning content delivered through multiple channels including instructor led webinars, virtual classrooms, and on-demand training material.

Primrose Schools currently uses the Latitude LMS to schedule various training courses. This method has simplified enrollment and allowed administrators to automatically generate rosters to verify attendance. Those taking training are now able to receive credit for course attendance. This has been found to be a far more efficient process and has resulted in higher overall attendance rates. Instituting a more formalized enrollment process has added greater credibility to the training programs.

By developing a customized LMS implementation which addresses their specific organizational needs, Primrose Schools has been equipped with the tools for ongoing training success. They are now capable of providing high quality learning experiences that will help promote a community of knowledge and ensure high standards for professional learning. This continued emphasis on education demonstrates the company’s values and reflects a deeper commitment to excellence.



The benefits enjoyed by Primrose Schools, its staff and Franchise Owners included the following:

  • Ability to track student progress and course completion.
  • Faster training deployment cycle.
  • Higher rates of user adoption.
  • High user satisfaction scores for training content and delivery

The Latitude learning management system allowed Primrose Schools to more efficiently manage it's training programs by establishing uniform processes. The LMS has helped the company improve training administration throughout its user community.


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