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To kick off the roll out of our New User Interface (UI), we have released a brand new LMS Header. This feature brings a fresh look and feel to the product, and introduces users to the icon-based design they can expect to find throughout the new LMS Experience. For users who participate in training activities across multiple organizations, the header also provides a streamlined way to Switch Profiles.

The New User Experience

Portal Administrators see all navigation features available in the LMS header, as explained below.

  • Course Search -- The legacy header Course Search tool is displayed by default. However, Portal Administrators now have the option to hide that feature from their LMS users by opening the Site Management > LMS Information page, deselecting the Header Course Search setting, and clicking Submit
  • Home -- Click the  icon to return to your legacy Home page.
  • Navigation Menu -- The  icon routes users to our brand new Navigation Menu. This is one of two New UI pages being rolled out with this LMS release. we are focused on improving the Student Experience, starting with an icon-driven workflow that allows users to navigate seamlessly between Legacy and New UI pages. 
  • Help -- Click the  icon to open page-specific Online Help article.
  • My Information -- Click your name to open the drop-down menu, where you can view current profile organization and position information, Switch Profiles, or Logout of the LMS. 

  • Switch Profiles -- This section only displays to users who participate in training activities across multiple organizations via multiple profile assignments. Instead of having to navigate to their Home page My Details tab, the header allows users to toggle between organizations from any page in the LMS. People who have been assigned managerial oversight of multiple Locations via a profile the Division, Business Unit, or Company level of the training structure can click the organization name with caret symbol, enter Location name, and click the  icon to activate.


Feature Roll Out

Clients who subscribe to our Forever FREE LMS will find all new header features available to their end users. Please explore the New UI pages and let us know what you think on the R&D Blog: https://www.latitudelearning.com/r-d/lms-roadmap 

Clients who have a paid LMS subscription will find the Navigation Menu icon is only available to users assigned the Portal Administrator role. It is hidden for all other roles to prevent any disruption to the current user experience. This also provides Portal Administrators ample time for piloting and testing New UI pages prior to a broader release.

The Courses to Complete page is a great example of where the new Student Experience is heading. With dynamic content and responsive design, we are working to eliminate clicks and simplify workflows in the New UI. If you like what you see and are ready to roll out the Navigation Menu and Courses to Complete pages to your end users, please contact your Latitude Account Manager.

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