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By Jill Schultz


LatitudeCG announces the latest release of the LatitudeLearning LMS.  LMS version was promoted to production on November 12, 2017.


Latitude is excited to release several new enhancements to the user experience in the LMS.

New LMS Header: We began the roll out of our new User Interface (UI) by releasing a brand new LMS Header which introduces the icon-driven design users can expect from the new LMS experience. You will see this new header at the top of your LMS browser window. In addition to offering a new way to logout from the LMS, one of the key improvements found in this feature is the easy access to Switch Profiles for users working across multiple organizations. Portal administrators will also now be able to show/hide the Course Search field under Site Management > LMS Information using the Header Course Search setting. The new header will provide access to New UI via the Navigation Menu icon based on the following roll out plan:  

  • Clients who subscribe to our Forever FREE LMS will now find all new header features, including the Navigation Menu icon, available to their end users. 
  • Clients who have a paid LMS subscription will find the Navigation Menu icon is only available to users assigned the Portal Administrator role. It is hidden for all other roles to allow for ample testing and CSS/branding prior to broader release. The Navigation Menu icon can be revealed to all roles for paid portals via a request to Latitude's ClientCare team.

Learn more about New LMS Header HERE.

Define Your Login Landing Page: Our first New UI pages - a Navigation Menu and Courses to Complete - are in place and available based on the roll out plan noted above. These pages illustrate the future direction of the LMS user interface. Users gain access by clicking the Navigation Menu icon in the New Header. Portal administrators are empowered to define their users' landing page under Site Management > LMS Information using the Login Landing Page setting. "Home" sets the landing page to the legacy Home page; "Navigation" sets it to the new icon-driven UI.

Learn more about the New UI Landing Page options HERE.   We invite our all our clients to explore the New UI pages and provide feedback on our R&D Blog

Multi-Select Options in User Search and Related FunctionsWe have enhanced the User Search function with type-ahead technology, replacing drop-down lists and data pickers with a smart text field that will provide data matches as you type in real time. You can now apply multiple filter values for each search criterion, as well, making it simpler to define audiences, target users for announcements, and batch enroll others.  Data scoping logic remains intact, allowing access to LMS records granted by user Profile, Position, and Role assignments.  This enhancement reduces clicks and is a more intuitive way to group multiple values into a single criterion.

Learn more about User Search updates HERE.


Add Interest: Corrected typographical errors in the message text for Edit Failed situations.

Advanced User Search

  • Made changes to logic for Brand "isn't" criterion in User search to provide accurate results.

  • Corrected logic in the Audience "is" versus Audience "isn't" comparisons to provide accurate results.  Audience "is" returns all users in the selected Audience; Audience "isn't" returns all users NOT included in the selected Audience.

Batch Enroll Others:   Updated the the embedded selection criteria to hard-code User Profile Is Primary, since this feature is only meant to enroll users at their primary profile location.

CertificationsUpdate Goal Transition job to delete user-set goals that now match system goals, delete current system-set goals that no longer have an associated transition (will also delete inactive user goals), and to include new goals that need to be added.

Edit Messages:  For messages designed to go directly to a student's manager, rather than to the student, we updated code so that no CC: role needs to be checked in order for the message to go to the student's direct manager. An example is the Student-Assessment Completed message. To avoid duplication of notifications, for these manager-only messages we recommend not selecting any CC: roles.

eLearning Course Launch Date: Corrected situation in which this date/time was being reset after every relaunch or anytime the transcript was updated. This date, for eLearning delivery types only, is being set to the static date/time of first launch.

Header Display of User Name Changes: Ensured changes to user first and last names were immediately displayed in the header.

Legacy Home Page > Employees Tab: Updated to show Primary Profile Location

Legacy Home Page - Online Help: Updated to include information about the New Header.

Legacy Home Page > My Details - Active Profiles List: In the legacy UI, removed sort option on LMS and Organization columns.

Required Training Widget: Enhance to include all courses with future credit calculation date even when user has met the goal 

New Reporting Engine: Several updates were made to correct issues with and improve the function of the new reporting engine. These are the key changes:

  • Standardized the date format in filters to MM/DD/YYYY
  • Fixed errors in Standard filter recognition or display of inactive Users and inactive Goal Names
  • Modified Tuition display to show accurate amounts [$##.##] rather than rounded to the nearest dollar [$##].
  • Fixed Course Due Date display in report results.
  • Fixed Report Results Run Date and sort order.
  • In Advanced Filters, changed the Course Topic display from Topic Code to Topic Name.
  • Removed font color variations between followed and unfollowed links.
  • Removed the option to Toggle Chart in report results.

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