ENHANCEMENT: Define Your Login Landing Page
By Sarah Robinson


LatitudeLearning has released two New UI pages to the LMS: Navigation Menu and Courses to Complete. Users gain access to these pages by clicking the header  icon, then using the Navigation Menu to move seamlessly between New and Legacy UI pages. CLICK HERE for more information about new header features and functionality.

Portal Administrators now have the power to decide when they roll out the new Student Experience by defining their Login Landing Page setting under Site Management > LMS Information. 
  • Continue the Legacy experience by setting the "Login Landing Page" option to Home
  • When you are ready to release the New UI experience to end users, make the Navigation Menu their new landing page.
  • We have also enhanced this LMS configuration tool with a Courses to Complete option, allowing users to land on their new one-stop-training-shop upon login. 

The Courses to Complete page is a great example of where the new Student Experience is heading. With dynamic content and responsive design, we are working to eliminate clicks and simplify workflows in the New UI. Please check it out and let us know what you think on the R&D Blog: https://www.latitudelearning.com/r-d/lms-roadmap

Feature Roll Out

Clients who subscribe to our Forever FREE LMS will find their Login Landing Page set to the new Navigation Menu. If you would like to restore the Legacy experience, open the Management > LMS Information page and change the setting back to Home.

Clients who have a paid LMS subscription will find the legacy Home page persist as their default Login Landing Page. This is because the Navigation Menu icon is only displayed to users assigned the Portal Administrator role, and hidden from the header for all others. Paying clients who like what they see and are ready to roll out New UI pages to their end users are encouraged to submit a support request, and we'll be happy to grant access to all!


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