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By Jill Schultz


LatitudeCG announces the latest release of the LatitudeLearning LMS.  New LMS version was promoted to production on November 29, 2017. 


eLearning Course Launch Date: Corrected situation in which this date/time was being reset after every relaunch or anytime the transcript was updated. For eLearning delivery methods only, this date is being set to the static date/time of first launch.

Legacy Home Page - Self Studies Widget:  When this widget is expanded by default, we fixed the issue in which the count of courses remaining to be completed was not updating after the user self-certified completion of a course.

New User Interface (UI)/New UI Header:

  • Courses to Complete: Corrected message text errors associated with using an incorrect password when self-certifying completion of a Self-Study course. Also fixed missing site text translation and date culture context.
  • Header Course Search: Updated to recognize and evaluate special characters in course name and description during a search. Removed the default focus from Header Course Search on all pages. Search is only executed when the user clicks the field into focus. No action is executed when a user presses Enter until the search field is in focus.
  • Help Content: Updated the help content for new UI Featured Courses, Subscription, and What's New pages.
  • New Header Style updates: For portals in which there is no stylesheet customization, both the legacy and new UI headers will match. If there is customization, it applies only to the header in the legacy pages, not the new UI header.
  • Profile-Switching: Corrected a situation in which switching to a subordinate location profile only worked once successfully.
  • View Home Page: Corrected an issue while using View Home Page for another user. If you click the Home icon in the header, it is now properly returning to the logged-in user's home page, not that of the user whose home page was being viewed.
  • SSO-related LMS Customers only: Updated SSO process to honor the new Login Landing Page setting under Site Management>LMS Information.

Reporting Engine - Position Results Display and Advanced User SearchTo correct inconsistencies in results displayed when using position in standard vs. advanced filters, the following updates were put in place for both of these features.

  • No role will return an unscoped list of positions
  • Portal administrators will find only Active and Inactive positions with Active superior/subordinate relationships. Portal administrators who wish to filter by Inactive positions must update the position records with an Active superior, as all relationships are automatically end-dated when a position is inactivated.
  • All other roles will only find Active positions with Active subordinates.

Advanced User Search: In addition to the update noted above, these changes were implemented.

  • Fixed an incorrect record count display that occurred after sorting columns.
  • Updated to provide translation support for criteria, comparisons, and search values.
  • Updated so that custom stylesheet font attributes override the default and display properly.

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