LatitudeLearning LMS Release Notes (
By Jill Schultz


LatitudeCG announces a new release of the LatitudeLearning LMS.  Version ( was promoted to production on Sunday, February 18, 2018. 


We are pleased to announce the following enhancements to the LatitudeLearning LMS experience. 

Navigation Page Editor:  We now offer a new portal administration tool for managing the content and layout of the new user interface (UI) Navigation page. This feature allows portal adminsitrators to display or hide icons on the Navigation page and determine the order in which they appear.  The settings are at the portal level for all users, but some icons selected for display will still only be visible based upon a user's underlying role and managerial reporting status. These include the icons for pages such as My People, Reports, and Approvals. Using the Navigation Page Editor is as simple as dragging and dropping icons between the Hidden and Displayed columns of the editor or into the desired order within the Displayed column. Access this new feature from the Administration  menu, under Site Management > Edit Navigation Page. CLICK HERE for details on using this new tool.

Header Course Search - Magnifying Glass: This minor enhancement makes the magnifying glass in the Header Course Search field clickable in order to execute the search. In the earlier release of this feature, the user had to press Enter to do so.  

Course Search - Filters: We made minor changes to certain names and labels on new Student/Manager workflow version of this page. The page itself (1) is now entitled "Course Catalog" to be consistent with the corresponding Navigation page icon. The label for expanding/contracting the criteria selection options (2) is now called "Filter" instead of Search. The Course Name field (3) is now labeled "Keyword" and indicates that it can be used to find text strings in the Course Code, Name, Description, and Notes fields of the Course record. The "Search" button has been relabeled "Apply Filter."


Add Audience:  Corrected an issue caused when creating an audience with a duplication of the username criterion.

Batch Enrollment In legacy and new UI versions, updated the format of various texts on the 2 of 4 and 3 of 4 steps and made them consistent between the two versions.

Certifications - Generic RulesUpdated Individual Performance and Location Performance evalution types to display in all portals. Turned off Individual and Location performance types, and scoped the performance data types to display only those relevant to the current portal.

Courses to Complete

  • Updated instances in which eLearning transcript status was not being updated after course content was completed and the course window was closed.
  • Course Groups - Corrected instances in which the component course name was displaying in the wrong language when a user's preferred language is set to English. Made display of component courses consistent between legacy Home pageand Courses to Complete page in instances when the user has passed or failed a component prior to being enrolled in the Course Group.
  • Corrected style of hover-over when switching profiles from this page. Background and text were appearing in the same color.

Course Search: Removed the ability of users with only a Guest role to access course search from the header in the new and legacy user interfaces.

Edit User - Add ProfileRemoved the option to create a new profile for a user at a Locale, which is an invalid selection.

Enroll Others: Provided missing site text translations on the confirmation page of the legacy and new UI Batch Enroll processes. 

Interests - Review Interests SummaryFixed an issue with printing the results of this report.

User Soft Impersonation: Corrected a situation in which user soft impersonation was not removed when selecting the logo or Home icon from the legacy Employees tab or new UI My People page.

View Goals: Removed a "Back to View Managed Student Goals" button that was displaying unnecessarily on the Certification Management > View Goals search results page and also on the Goals tab.

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