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By Jill Schultz


LatitudeCG announces a new release of the LatitudeLearning LMS.  Version ( was promoted to production on Sunday, March 18, 2018. 


We are pleased to announce the following enhancements to the LatitudeLearning LMS experience.  

Messages: Made the following improvements to system-generated messaging.

  • Added a new message parameter [UserFullName] that can be used in any message on the Edit Messages Events list.  This parameter will pull in the user's full name. Portal Administrators can use this to replace [Participant] in instances where they do not want others who receive the notification, such as a manager, to see the user's system username.
  • For security purposes, we made the following changes to the default version of some LMS messages: 1) removed the password from the LMS Verification email sent when someone signs up for a new LatitudeLearning portal, and 2) removed the username from the User - Password Reset message and changed the subject to New LatitudeLearning  Password. Portal administrators can customize these messages to incorporate the [Participant] or [UserFullName] parameters if they still want to see them in these messages.

Reports Page Standardization:  We have modified the Reports pages to make them consistent in style with other LMS pages and to improve usability. The Report List and Report Results pages now use the style classes in the global baseline stylesheet, base.css. The header on both Reports pages has also been modified to replicate the standard LMS header, including the availability of a Course Search box that is managed from the LMS Information page. You may need to clear your browser cache to see the updated styles.



  • Corrected background color styling issues on the Header Switch Profile Organization type-ahead.
  • Fixed Return to Default Profile button, which was not returning to the defined LMS Home Page when in the Reports function. 

Home Page: 

  • Classic Home: Corrected the style of radio buttons and labels displayed for the Live Courses and Teaching Schedule widgets.
  • Home Icon/Logo: Fixed an issue in which clicking the Home icon or Logo was not working if the Home Page is set to Courses to Complete.

Navigation Page Editor - My Training Schedule: Added hover-over text that was missing, indicating "Will always be displayed for Instructor Role".

Reports: Fixed issues in which the Edit Folder button was opening the Add Folder page. Also corrected some styling inconsistencies on the Standard Filters page.

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