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Nissan Forklift Leverages Latitude Learning LMS to Provide Training

Posted by Latitude Learning Team  4/17/2012   2 Comments


Cloud LMS Offers State of the Art Training Opportunities for Nissan Forklift Employees

SALINE, Mich., – Latitude Learning, provider of the industry leading, cloud-based learning management system (LMS), today announced that Nissan Forklift will provide training to its dealers through the Latitude Learning LMS.

The Cloud-based LMS, originally developed for global Fortune 50 companies, is available to companies as an on-demand LMS to host their proprietary learning classes and manage student records. is a cloud-based LMS that enables companies to provide world class caliber training functionality and effectiveness through a robust, flexible and turnkey training platform.

Nissan Forklift, based in Marengo, Ill., provides design, manufacturing and support of Nissan Forklift products for the North and South American markets. Compliant with ISO-9001 and ISO-14001 certifications, Nissan Forklift is a leader in the marketplace and aspires to lead the industry through the effective training of its workforce.

"We are very pleased with our decision to partner with Latitude Learning for our new learning management system", said Rick Grossert, manager, Technical Training at Nissan Forklift.  "From the very beginning, and continuing today, the service provided to Nissan Forklift and our dealers has been outstanding."

“We welcome Nissan Forklift to the community of clients leveraging Latitude Learning’s LMS to efficiently manage their training programs, and ensure dealers are well trained,” stated Latitude Learning CEO Jeff Walter. “We are proud to be a leader in the eLearning industry in providing a cloud-based LMS for companies throughout the world.”

About Nissan Forklift Corporation
Nissan Forklift Corporation designs, manufactures and supports a complete line of material handling equipment that delivers features resulting in greater dependability, higher productivity and lower operational costs. Headquartered in Marengo, Ill., Nissan Forklift has a network of more than 100 authorized dealerships with over 225 locations across North, South and Latin America, as well as additional worldwide locations.  For more information, contact Nissan Forklift Corporation, 240 North Prospect Street, Marengo, IL 60152. Phone (815) 568-0061, Fax (815) 568-0179, visit or send email to

About Latitude Learning
Latitude Learning LLC is the developer and host of the world class learning management system (LMS), Initially built for global Fortune 50 companies, is a scalable, robust and highly functional cloud-based LMS available for companies to effective manage their training programs. Register HERE for a free, no obligation, 100-user Latitude Learning LMS. Please go to for additional information.

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  • Mike Pattenson 2/16/2016
    What must the training include? A training program must consist of these three parts:

    1. Formal instruction can be given using lectures, discussions, interactive computer learning, videos, or written material. Formal instruction does not have to occur in an actual classroom.

    It can be as simple as the trainer talking to the trainee and explaining training material, such as the concept of vehicle stability, what causes instability, and how to avoid it.

    2. Practical, hands-on training covers demonstrations performed by the trainer and practical exercises performed by the trainee.

    3. An evaluation of the operator's ability to handle the truck safely in the workplace must be conducted by the trainer. Specific training topics to be covered are listed in the standards. All of the topics must be covered unless the employer can show that certain topics are not needed. more info:

  • Best Forklift Services in Brisbane 1/2/2014
    It is really a good effort to provide training opportunities to the dealers. Heavy duty vehicles like Forklifts must be operated after getting a proper training.

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