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Enhanced User Self-Registration

Posted by Latitude Learning Team  12/11/2011   1 Comments


The LatitudeLearning Team is pleased to announce the rollout of enhanced Self-Registration options on the LatitudeLearning LMS. This new set of capabilities provides Portal Administrators with powerful, easy to use tools necessary to manage self-driven registration for individual "Guest" locations, as well as creating hands-off registration for users accessing multiple client organizations on their LatitudeLearning LMS portal.

Initial Access to Self-Registration from your Login Page
With Self-Registration enabled, interested parties can easily access the self-registration area via a link placed on your existing LMS login page. As you know, each LMS portal already comes with its own customizeable login page, providing for a tailored, secure user experience when accessing your LMS. Authorized administrators can use the included Site Management tools to easily customize this login page, including management of logos and styles, as well as editing the custom HTML area to further brand and provide context for users accessing the site. Take user access one step further and have the LatitudeLearning team help to establish a unique URL for your Login Page (e.g.

Standard Self-Registration Bundle
Upgrade your LMS to the Standard Self-Registration bundle to allow for self-driven registration as a new user on your LMS portal. This upgrade provides for a secure, self-registration process that captures key registrant information that becomes part of the user's LMS profile. This includes user First and Last Name, eMail Address (used for training-related communications), as well as unique User Name and Password used to create the new master account for this user. In addition to core account information, your registration form can be easily configured to capture additional demographic information, such as mailing address, and the referring Organization, Company, or Web Site that led this user to your LMS...All of which becomes part of the user's ongoing profile in the LMS. By default, new users are granted access as a 'Student' in the LMS and are placed into a single (guest) location-organization. Here user accounts and access to courses can be further controlled by the Portal Administrator. Many of our customers utilize this guest-level access to provide free access to a subset of courses on the site...Or they use the self-registration in combination with our e-Commerce and Subscription functionality to provide self-driven payment plus access to courses by the drink, or as a series/track of learning they have defined in the course catalog.

Advanced Self-Registration and User Registration Controls
Upgrade to our Advanced Self-Registration options to create an environment that will easily support self-registration across multiple client-organizations in your LMS. With this toolset enabled, the registration process can be configured to allow new registrants to define their own position or role (user access), as well as select, enter, or even create a new client-organization (location) they are affiliated with. When combined with our recently launched Subscription functionality, Portal Administrators can easily define and manage sets of courses (Subscriptions) that will be automatically featured and available by location once the user is registered. Additionally, by simply requiring a valid location code during registration, different groups of users can be routed to different locations, each having its own e-Commerce setup. For example, one location may offer only free titles, while another offers payment only by credit card, while yet another allows contracted clients to pay through a direct bill method. Finally, these recent enhancements to the LMS provide Portal Administrators with advanced Self-Registration tools to further manage user registration/activation access and counts by location. This allows authorized administrators to closely control date ranges when self-registration is available, as well as the maximum number of self-registrations that will be accepted for a given client-location...As with many areas of the LatitudeLearning LMS, just 'Set and Forget', letting the LMS enforce your rules day or night.

For additional information on these and other powerful, low-cost upgrade options, access our support site at contact our support team directly at to learn more. Thank you again for your ongoing interest in LatitudeLearning LMS.

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