Big News for Latitude's T.E.A. Collection on 2 Year Anniversary
By Janay Robinson


What were you doing two years ago? Maybe you were in school, or starting a new job? Or maybe you were enjoying Latitude's very first edition of the Franchise T.E.A. Newsletter?!

That's right, this October marks two years since Latitude introduced Franchise T.E.A. to the channel community. Since then, we've filled inboxes of over 11,000 subscribers every month with interesting and relevant news articles that have helped aid the success of training programs across the world. Since our launch, we've also added a second newsletter to the T.E.A. Collection - OEM T.E.A.

As our audience, and participation from organizations for spotlight features in our newsletter grows, we've received requests from the channel community to create more newsletters that encompasses some of the other partner/channel industries, such as the agent-broker, reseller and retail.

As discussions went underway around the office about expanding the T.E.A. Collection, we took a small detour down memory lane. When we first started developing what is now Franchise T.E.A., we knew that our content (and audience) would be much broader than just that of the Franchise Industry. Any organization that is similarly structured to the franchise model would be able to apply the core principles and underlying systems outlined in our articles to their training program and be more successful. That's the beauty of the partner/channel industry!

So, for this expansion project, we're taking it back to our roots! We are proud to announce the merge of Franchise T.E.A. and OEM T.E.A. to bring you Channel T.E.A., a newsletter platform that brings all channel-like industries together for a common goal: becoming more successful at your job. To celebrate our two year anniversary, the first edition of Channel T.E.A. will be published on Tuesday, October 17, 2017.

Our core beliefs on running a successful training program have not changed and will be carried over to Channel T.E.A. How do we define a successful training program? One that incorporates Training, Engagement and Analytics, with Incentives to drive performance. These are the three differentiators that separates high performers from low. We've structured our curation process around topics that focus on these three differentiators.

Haven't joined the T.E.A. Newsletter audience? Joining is free and couldn't be easier. Head over to any edition of the Channel T.E.A. and subscribe! If you're already subscribed to one of the T.E.A. newsletters, your subscription will automatically be transferred and you will receive your first edition of Channel T.E.A. in your inbox this month. We would like to thank our learning community for their continuous support and readership. We promise you there is so much more to come!

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