Bin There Dump That's Training Model Creates Exponential Success
By Alison Huff


If you've ever found yourself in the middle of a move or a home remodeling project, you'll recognize the struggle of dealing with a residential clean up job. Bin There Dump That is a residential-friendly dumpster company that emerged as an essential solution for everyday people in need of large-scale debris removal. With more than 140 franchise territories throughout the United States and Canada, Bin There Dump That has seen an incredible amount of prosperity since the organization began franchising in 2004.

While much of their success is attributed to an ironclad business model and unwavering dedication to delivering stellar customer service, equally important is their attention to thorough training for their franchisees. We spoke with John Ferracuti, Chief Operating Officer of Bin There Dump That, to learn more about the company's training practices.

A Solid Business Model Needs A Solid Training Plan
"I'm a big believer that the training starts during the due diligence process," Ferracuti told us, noting that the training process begins with the very first phone call. "We want to make sure that people know exactly what they’re getting into and what to expect."

The "welcome call" is designed to introduce a new franchisee to the entire support team, setting up a structured expectation that enables the franchisee to prepare themselves for the road ahead. Bin There Dump That's extensive pre-training program includes a manual that details everything a franchisee must do to get ready for their hands-on training, a course that will take place anywhere from three to six weeks after their pre-training process begins.

A franchisee will then attend the Bin Learning Training Class, held at Bin There Dump That's training center. For one week, franchisees are immersed in a training program that provides a thorough education on business practices and the company's business model, as well as establishing a framework for how everything will work in their own franchise. Franchisees are also sent to an active Bin There Dump That location for two days to learn how to operate the equipment, organize their office, and receive hands-on experience with everything they'll need to handle when they're on their own.

"Once that’s done and they head back out to their location, they typically will open their business within a week to four weeks from the last day of their training class," Ferracuti explained. "That said, we are continually working with them throughout the first six months to a year."

Once a franchise is open, franchisees engage in weekly conference calls with an assigned franchise support coach, a designated support team member who makes sure that the location is staying on track, growing their business, and doing everything they need to do to be successful. The support coach acts as a liaison between the franchisee and the other vital members within the support team, including digital marketing specialists and technical support, to ensure the franchisee has access to any assistance they require.

"We do an onsite visit somewhere between three and six months, where the franchise support coach will physically go to the location and spend three days with a very structured agenda to do an analysis of where they’re at with the business, how they’re doing, what areas need improvement, and that helps to keep everything on track," Ferracuti said. In his own experience, he's found that most people love to have that kind of dependable support.

"Like every good franchisor, we also do a yearly conference where we create a very educational agenda for three days. We work through keeping everybody up to date on the latest improvements to the business model," Ferracuti added. "We take that very seriously. We have upwards of 75 percent attendance at our conferences, which in the world of franchising, I think is pretty good."

While franchisees are given the tools to train their staff members at their own locations, Bin There Dump That also offers segments of their onsite training program to franchise employees who require specific training. They also have a training video series in the works for their Dumpster Delivery Experts, the truck drivers who deliver and pick up the residential dumpsters, which they plan to launch during their next conference in January.

Because the primary motivation to train is to be more successful, Bin There Dump That doesn't charge a dime for training; the franchisee is only responsible for transportation costs.

Training Leads To Quality Customer Service, Referrals, And Overall Franchise Success
"Our focus is on creating a customer service experience for our customers that is different and better than what they would ever expect from a dumpster company," Ferracuti expressed. "We want to create a 100 percent positive customer service experience when it comes to ordering and getting a dumpster. If we do not train people properly, then we can’t provide that."

The main objective sounds simple, but the best business practices often are. Adhering to Bin There Dump That's business model ensures that proper training will lead to fantastic customer service, which leads to referrals, which then leads to more business, and ultimately, more money for the franchisee and franchisor.

It also results in a stellar reputation. Bin There Dump That has an incredibly positive online rating. "We believe that’s entirely due to our ability to train everybody associated with our company to provide a customer service experience that is above and beyond what anyone would expect in our industry," Ferracuti said.

Clearly, Bin There Dump That has designed a recipe for exponential franchise success.

About Bin There Dump That
Headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, Bin There Dump That has been operating as a franchise since 2004. Consistency, reliability, and professional service are hallmarks of this residential dumpster company. Bin There Dump That is a member of the International Franchise Association, and ranked among Entrepreneur Magazine's Top 500 Franchises in 2016.

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