CMCT seeks Latitude for usability and flexibility
By Sonia Gottfried


Latitude’s partnership with CMCT gives customization and easy navigation other LMSs can’t

Latitude, an industry leading in partner performance is proud to service smaller businesses like Change Management Consulting & Training with their Learning Management System needs.

Karine Schomer, President of Change Management Consulting & Training (CMCT) sought out a partnership with an LMS provider that had a pricing structure that would enable payment to increase as her small business expanded.

“LatitudeLearning makes it possible to start small and grow through its policy of free use for up to 100 users. This enables start-up and small businesses to launch a program and let it grow to a point where the fees can be more easily absorbed," explained Schomer.

It doesn’t stop there. Schomer sees the benefits with Latitude aren’t just in the LMS system but more importantly with the team of people at Latitude she interacts with. “The experience from working with Latitude has been their excellent support and responsiveness to user needs,” said Schomer.

“It is such a gratify experience to see our smaller clients use our learning management system to grow their business. Latitude’s mission isn’t just to become a stronger organization among ourselves, but to also help our clients grown. I’m pleased to see Change Management Consulting & Training success develop over the many years of working together,” said Latitude’s CEO, Jeff Walter.

According to Schomer, the reputable relationship between CMCT and Latitude is heightened by Latitude’s ability to customized portals and their easy navigation treatment.

“Latitude has made it possible for us to have a viable online learning presence that is high quality, easy to navigate and with a customized portal that allows us to show our own brand," states Schomer.

About Change Management Consulting & Training, LLC
CMCT is a full-service firm headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area. Founded in 1997, CMCT serves clients throughout the U.S., and globally to develop customized solutions in the areas of change management, organizational effectiveness, leadership development, management training, executive coaching, cross-cultural training, team building and facilitation, group process facilitation, management assessment and organizational needs assessment.
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About Latitude Consulting Group
Latitude Consulting Group, an industry leading that drives partner performance through training, communication, measurement, incentives and consumer engagement. Latitude is a technology first company striving to ensure that customers get the full benefit of the underlying systems and solutions that they are investing in. With the continuous change in platform capabilities and emerging trends such as mobile it is important that organizations have a solid foundation to operate from.

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