Cohda Wireless Promotes Training That Embraces The Information Age
By Alison Huff


Cohda Wireless is company poised firmly on the cutting edge of technology. A global leader in vehicle-to-vehicle communication, Cohda specializes in software designed to fully automate the driving experience. While cameras and radar systems are an effective method of avoiding collisions, dependable and uninterrupted communication between vehicles is an imperative component of safe, automated transportation.

The very idea sounds incredible but given the accelerated rate at which technology is advancing, self-driving cars are inevitable. In September of 2016, the United States Department of Transportation presented its first set of federal guidelines, a voluntary 15-point safety assessment for automakers engineering driverless cars.

To that end, a dedicated line of communication between vehicles will enable them to navigate the roads safely and with absolute precision. Cohda Wireless uses the IEEE wireless network standard 802.11p, also known as WAVE (Wireless Access for the Vehicular Environment), an assigned frequency that allows the unhindered, real-time exchange of data from one vehicle to another. It works similarly to your wireless router at home, but on a much bigger scale, sending packets of data back and forth in mere milliseconds.

The Future Of Training And Communication Is Right Now
Calvin Nichols, a V2X and Connected Autonomous Vehicle Software Executive with Cohda Wireless, has watched new training methods emerge over the years and he's taken particular notice of the most recent trends. Calvin told us that the rise of the internet and social media has given every industry a powerful and broad range of tools for providing education and training to anyone who needs it – regardless of their field or position.

When it comes to his own team, Calvin specifically encourages webinars for their training. These web-based seminars are live, interactive classes or lectures that allow individuals to take part in an active classroom virtually – and from anywhere in the world. Using video conferencing software, data transmission works in both directions so participants can ask questions, get involved in open discussions, share files with one another, and enjoy all of the benefits of an educational setting without the time or expense of long-distance travel.

Registration is as simple as filling out an online form. Webinars typically last between 60 and 90 minutes, and employees who work from the same geographic location may train as a group by viewing the lesson together in a conference room. Many webinars also provide access to the presentation after the session has ended, enabling participants to revisit and review the information if they need additional study.

If there's a specific type of certification involved with a webinar's training, a follow-up exam must be taken and passed to demonstrate the student's knowledge and proficiency. "Those are the stop gaps that don’t allow you to cheat the system," Calvin explained. His team requires minimal monitoring because they are well trained, however, he noted that other disciplines may have unique standards that require ongoing recertification over time.

Webinars are typically not free but they are widely available, providing companies with a flexible and cost-effective means of training their employees.

About Cohda Wireless

Founded in 2004, Cohda Wireless is headquartered in North Adelaide, South Australia. Engineers and scientists are telecommunications experts dedicated to providing innovative V2X (vehicle to everything) solutions for the modern world, including software stacks and road side, on board, and radio module hardware products. Cohda Wireless has more than 20 patents across the V2X system with another 50 patents pending. Active in the European and United States key markets, Cohda has most recently become active in the emerging V2X markets of China, Japan and Korea.

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