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By Sarah Robinson


LatitudeLearning is gathering requirements for a major enhancement to the student experience: Course Catalog. We have broken the development process into a series of product releases, with end goal being a new image-based course list and intuitive filter options. 

We already implemented the first phase of this enhancement by building a Course Image library into the LMS, where administrators can upload files and associate them with any course in the catalog. 

In anticipation of phase two Course Tile View release on November 11, we have enhanced the Course Image library with default configuration options. You will be able to quickly and efficiently populate course tile images by providing defaults for each type of course in your catalog -- Assessment, Classroom, eLearning, Course Group, Self-Study, Virtual Classroom -- instead of having to associate an image with each individual record.

Course Image Library

Portal Administrators have the ability to build a Course Images library within the Site Management > Edit Images tool.  This is the bank of images that can be associated with any number of courses in the catalog. 

To upload new images 

1.  In the "Upload new Image" field, click Choose File to browse local folders. 
2.  Select an image less than 10 MB in size. For best quality, use image files with pixel dimensions 350 x 150 (21:9 ratio). Click Open.
3.  Click Submit to complete the upload.

To delete an image

1.  On the Course Images page, select the checkbox to the right of the image file name.
2.  Confirm the deletion by selecting Yes in the deletion confirmation pop-up.
3.  Click Submit.

Course Image Defaults

The Course Image library comes equipped with six stock images, one for each type of course in the LatitudeLearning platform: Assessment, Classroom, eLearning, Course Group, Self-Study, Virtual Classroom . We offer these images as alternatives to the course type icons, to exemplify the impact course images can have on the presentation of course records in the new Tile View.

Feel free to use these defaults, or replace them with your own custom images using the drop down menu next to each "[Course Type] Default" field. If you prefer the standard course icon display, select "None" from the drop down menu. Click Submit to save default image selections.

Individual Course Images

Course Details and Course General Information pages include a corresponding Course Image field. By default, each course will display its associated “[Course Type] Default” image, as described above. Draw special attention to courses in your catalog by overriding the default with a branded image from your library.

  • Open a course record and navigate to the General tab. 
  • Use the Course Image drop-down menu to select a custom image from the library. Or click the Upload Images link to open the Course Image library in new window/tab. Restore the default image any time by selecting “None” from the drop-down menu. Once you have selected the desired image, click Save Course.
  • Click the Details tab to see your image proportionally centered in "Course Image" field. 


PHASE II: Course Tile View

All of this work is to build a new user experience with the course Tile View. Rich with images, course details, user enrollment status, and new action options, the course Tile View will soon be available on the Courses To Complete and Featured Courses page. CLICK HERE for product release notes on this exciting enhancement! 

PHASE III: Course Catalog

Next up on the R&D Roadmap, we have started gathering requirements feedback for a new Course Catalog page. We want your thoughts on how to best categorize, filter, and display the course catalog to optimize your user experience.  Review the proposed requirements and design document HERE.  We always appreciate client feedback, which can be emailed to UAT Leader .

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