Coming Soon: Manager Announcements and Certificate Branding
By Sarah Robinson


The following enhancements will become part of the LatitudeLearning LMS experience on April 29, 2018.


The Announcements tool will be available to all users who have subordinates, via a new icon on the LMS Navigation Page. Training administrators at all levels of your LMS can soon send custom messages to their target audience on demand. 

Portal Administrators who do not want middle managers to access the Announcements feature can use the Site Management > Edit Navigation Page tool to hide the icon.

Completion Certificate Logo

The LMS Branding tool has been enhanced with a Certificate Logo field, allowing Portal Administrators to brand their certificates of completion with a custom logo from the image library. Use the LMS Information page to select a logo for all users, or the Organization Branding page to make certificates custom to each training partner.

NOTE: Images size 400 x 50 pixels work best.

More Minor Updates

  • Expanded options for Home Page and Landing Page settings.
  • The ability to enable/disable the Training Provider feature, as well as approval requirements for user Self Registration,
  • Users enrolled in a Course Group can now take direct action on required components from their Courses To Complete page.

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