Congratulations to Latitude's Bracket Winner
By Sonia Gottfried


Congratulations to Latitude's Bracket Winner; Andrew Lindquist of Links Systems, Inc.

Latitude is happy to announce the winner of the NCAA basketball bracket challenge. Andrew Lindquist of Links Systems, Inc. placed first in the challenge which wins him a Keurig Coffee Brewing Machine. Links Systems, Inc. is a consultant company that helps online delivery and live training seminars to its clients. There were many participants, but only one lucky winner. Congrats, Mr. Lindquist!!! 

"It was a fun challenge to be part of and I appreciate the opportunity to participate," said Lindquist.

The fun doesn't stop here. Join in the fun and enter to win a pound of coffee by answering these simple questions. 

You may be asking why so much "coffee talk?" 

LatiBrewed is a fictitious company Latitude designed to demonstrate Latitude's LatitudeCONNECT features and functions. 

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