Congratulations to Latitude's Coffee Survey Winners
By Janay Robinson


Latitude is happy to announce the winner of May's coffee survey challenge. Christopher Mini of Central Florida Kidney Centers, Inc. and Gowri Shankar, self employed, placed first which wins each of them a pound of LatiBrewed's signature blend coffee. Central Florida Kidney Centers, Inc. is a not-for-profit facility and is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of lay people who are interested citizens, and leaders in the community. 

Christopher won for the most amusing response, "I suppose I'd be happy if the barista was giving me a sly and seductive look... but I've never thought of coffee as an enhancement to that part of my life".  Christopher thanks Latitude, "Thank you Latitude Learning for providing solutions both for managing training and managing caffeine intake." 

Gowri won for the correct answer, "Adding a shot of espresso to your chai latte". Gowri thanks Latitude, "Latitude Learning rocks. Your courses and support are just great, as is the signature blend coffee."

The fun doesn't end here. Nominate an Outstanding Grad and enter them to win a Keurig Coffee Brewing Machine. 

You may be asking, why so much "coffee talk"?

LatiBrewed is a fictitious company Latitude designed to demonstrate Latitude's LatitudeConnect features and functions.